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Out Now: The Falcon and the Bluestocking (The Shifter Season #6)

The Falcon and the Bluestocking Laura Greenwood The Shifter Season 

A falcon shifter who prefers to look at the stars than dance at the ball, and the secret Duke falling for her must navigate the Shifter Season.

Miss Mary Falnor much prefers intellectual discussions to formal balls, especially as the last thing she expects to find at them is a husband. 

When the Duke of Clawdon encounters a young lady willing to get to know him as Stephen instead of His Grace, he realises exactly what he's been missing. But it soon becomes clear that Mary has no idea who he actually is. 

Can Mary unravel the secrets of the falcon-shifting duke without losing her heart in the process? 

The Falcon and the Bluestocking is a paranormal Regency romance with falcon shifters, a secret duke, and a heroine determined not to marry. It is part of the Shifter Season series and includes a sweet m/f romance. 

The Falcon And The Bluestocking is my new favourite story in the Shifter Season for a few reasons. Laura Greenwood manages to put a romantic and light-hearted spin on regency without erasing the struggles of women at that time period. I love the way Stephen's mistaken identity comes about and how it's mostly Mary not paying attention to the signs right in front of her. Some of her thoughts and conversations made me laugh out loud, especially those about... "how a woman comes to be with child". The combination of a hidden shifter society with the gossip, customs, and scandals of regency is just a winner for me. I can't wait for the next one! Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author