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Out Now: Vanilla Frappe And Reasons To Stay (Cauldron Coffee Shop #6)

 Vanilla Frappe And Reasons To Stay Cauldron Coffee Shop Laura Greenwood

Alone at the coffee shop, Willow has to face the reality of what her life has come, and try to uncover what she wants for her future, even if those things are becoming increasingly less clear to her.

With Azíl still in Morocco after they broke his curse, she finds herself without the person she trusts the most, and has to face what that means while still under threat from the Sect.

Will the distance prove too much for the relationship they've built?
Vanilla Frappe and Reasons To Stay is book 6 in Cauldron Coffee Shop, a light-hearted urban fantasy romance with a coffee shop-owning witch, a three-thousand-year-old formerly cursed warlock, and an m/f romantic subplot.