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Out Now: Enchanting Songs For Silent Sirens (Obscure Academy #3)

 Enchanting Songs For Silent Sirens Obscure Academy Laura Greenwood

Melody loves to sing, which is a bit of a problem when doing that could enchant everyone around her with her siren magic. Instead, she doesn't talk to anyone about her love of Christmas carols and keeps her powers a secret.

Until she meets Josh and the two of them form a connection deeper than any she's ever experienced before.

Can he help her find her voice?


Enchanting Songs For Silent Sirens is a holiday story and part of the Obscure Academy series. It's a light-hearted m/f paranormal romance with a deaf love interest. It is Melody and Josh's complete story.

Enchanting Songs For Silent Sirens promises a cheerful Christmas story and it delivers. It's filled with endearing moments between Melody and Josh, Christmas traditions, and meddling friends that make me think back fondly to my time in college. A fantastic read that put me right in the festive mood. - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author