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Out Now: Princess Of Petals (Grimm Academy #15)

 Princess Of Petals The Princess Competition The Grimm World Laura Greenwood

Astrid has known for years about her prophecy, and when her parents send her to the prestigious Grimm Academy, she hopes she might finally be able to put it behind her. 
Despite her parents' insistence that she comes away with a noble suitor, she can't help but find herself drawn to Conan, a scholarship student with a prophecy of his own he's trying to avoid. 
When the Bellpoint Castle competition to find an heir comes along, she finally feels as if she might have found a solution to her problems. If she wins, she'll be a princess, and able to choose her own suitor. If she loses, then she could fall prey to her prophecy and lose it all. 
Princess Of Petals is a fantasy academy romance inspired by the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. It includes a sweet m/f romance.