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Excerpt: Bewitched Incubus Mate (MatchMater Paranormal Dating App #2)

What happens when a siren and an incubus think they've enchanted one another? Rosie and Jim find out in Bewitched Incubus Mate. 


Copyright 2020 Laura Greenwood 


"We're on our second date, and we've spent most of both of them eating. I think I know all I need to about you." A small smirk tugged at the corner of her lips.

Something tugged on his heart. This woman was getting to him in a way no one else ever had, not even his family.

"That is true. You know all but one of the most important things about me."

"Ah, the conversation we need to have later will be truly eye-opening," she teased. "But unless you're about to tell me you're a mass murderer who lures his prey in with brownies and delicious Spanish inspired food, it's all good."

"Brownies aren't my weapon of choice," he mumbled, guilt flashing through him at the thought of what his true lure was. Would she still want him when she found out the truth? Or would she fear the same as he did, and that he’d forced her to feel the way she did?

"So what would be?" she mused, though there was an edge to her voice that he didn't want to linger on too long. "For me, I think it would be salted caramel chocolate buttons."

"That's an interesting choice. Not the cheapest."

"Ah, see, that's all part of the plan. If the person doing the luring is going to  splash out on expensive chocolates, then it stands to reason that they'll treat me pretty decently once the lure is done." She shrugged as if it wasn't important, and took another bite of food.

He stored away the information. Not so he could trick her into doing anything, but so he knew what to get her if he was having a down day.

He was so far lost in this woman that there was no chance of return. So long as she wasn't enchanted, he could see the two of them being very happy together.


That was the problem. One that they needed to resolve before things went too far.

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Heat Level: Low - Relationship Type: m/f - Build: Fast - Point of View Character: Dual third person POV, changes between books - Cliffhangers: No - Tense: Past

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