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Excerpt: Novice Of The Afterlife (The Apprentice Of Anubis #3)

I don't want to say too much about what to expect because of spoilers, but there are going to be some big changes around the temple! Novice Of The Afterlife is book 3 in the series, and book one is 99c if you haven't started the series yet! Read on for a (mostly spoiler free!) teaser!
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I shrug. "No idea. I don't know enough about traditionally mummified bodies. Khafre's never taught me anything about them."
"Ah, I didn't think they'd be any different."
"Neither did I, but there's something about it that does feel different." Not that I can put my finger on what it is. "I'll ask Khafre next time we have a Blessed lesson."
"You don't seem to be having as many of them," Nik says.
I sigh. "I'm not. I think they're winding down. Khafre will have to move on to his next Blessed student soon."
"Even though you haven't had an entire year's worth of lessons?"
I nod. "I don't think there's anything that says I have to have a year's worth. It's just supposed to be until I'm ready to not have them anymore."
"And are you?"
"I suppose that's up to Khafre to decide."
"But how do you feel?"
"I don't know. Underwhelmed about what being Blessed means?" I joke.
Nik chuckles. "I did expect more."
"Did you think I'd be able to summon an army of shadow jackals to do my bidding, or something like that?"
"No, but you have to admit that would be a really cool power."
"And probably useless. What would I do with an army of shadow jackals?"
"They'd do whatever you wanted them to," he reminds me. "You could get them to do your laundry, or pick up your groceries..."
"I don't have to do either of those things myself anyway."
"Then you can get them to smite your enemies."
"I don't have any."
"You really are a boring Blessed," he teases. "Where is the epic prophecy that means you have to save the world?"
"A thing of fiction, I should hope. I have enough going on in my life without having to save the world on top of it. Which you should be glad of. If I was the one who was supposed to be saving the world, then you'd definitely end up being the sidekick who is always getting into trouble."
"Yet, somehow I manage that role anyway."
"You do have trouble down to a fine art." I flash him a reassuring smile so he knows I'm only joking.
"We're only getting started."
I let out a small laugh, enjoying the sparkle in his eyes.


The Apprentice Of Anubis

Urban Fantasy in an Alternate Timeline

An urban fantasy series set in an alternative world where the Egyptian empire still rules. It follows a new priestess of Anubis, Ani, as she navigates temple politics and uncovers something she can't ignore.

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Heat Level: Low - Relationship Type: m/f - Build: Slow - Point of View Character: Single first person POV, same throughout books - Cliffhangers: Yes - Tense: Present

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