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Witches of The Obscure World

With the release of Hazelnut Latte And Something To Say recently released, I thought I'd make a post about the suggested reading order for the witch based series within the Obscure World.

I do write all of my series with the intention of them being able to be read on their own, but I do also link them. There are often cameos, but there are also some series that are more linked than others, and the witchy read-through path is one of them.

Grimalkin Academy tells two stories for best friends Mona (books 1-6) and Daphne (books 7-10), BUT they do overlap in an odd order (they were originally two separate series and Daphne was only supposed to have one book, it's a long story), but if you want to read in the exact order they happen (not necessary, they are written to avoid major spoilers!):

  1. Catching A Vampire (Daphne #1)
  2. First Time's A Charm (Mona #1) < free on retailers!
  3. Second Time's A Curse (Mona #2)
  4. Catching A Wizard (Daphne #2)
  5. Catching A Warlock (Daphne #3)
  6. Curses Start Somewhere (Prequel to Mona from her mother's POV) < free on the bonus content page of my website
  7. Third Time's A Crime (Mona #3)
  8. Fourth Time's A Cure (Mona #4)
  9. Fifth Time's A Crisis (Mona #5)
  10. Courting A Witch (Daphne HEA - links to the vampire path through The Obscure World too)
  11. This Time Is Trouble (Mona HEA)

This Time Is Trouble links up Grimalkin Academy with Cauldron Coffee Shop as Mona (and Daphne's twin brother, Ryan) do an internship on a dig with Sabine (the best friend of the main character in Cauldron Coffee Shop) where they find a mysterious (and very important) teapot. That then moves into the Cauldron Coffee Shop arc:

  1. Unfortunate Decrees and Iced Coffees (Side Story from Sabine's POV) < free on my website
  2. Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice (Willow #1)
  3. Hazelnut Latte And Something To Say (Willow #2)
  4. Peppermint Tea And Nothing Is Free (Willow #3)
  5. Cinnamon Cocoa And Far To Go (Willow #4)
  6. (Willow #5)
  7. (Willow #6)

If you've been reading Cauldron Coffee Shop already, then you might have wondered about Willow's cousins who show up every now and again with their sweet treats - well these are the witches of the Broomstick Bakery series, which brings me to the final (current) arc of the witches of The Obscure World:

  1. The Cupcake Witch (Oakley) < currently my newsletter serial (a free chapter a week for subscribers!)
  2. The Macaron Witch (Hazel)
  3. The Pastry Warlock (Ash) < part of Hope: A Books on the Beach Anthology
  4. The Gingerbread Witch (Rowen)
  5. The Baklava Witch (Clover) < not yet on pre-order

There is one final book featuring witches in the Obscure World, but other than a few references to Grimalkin Academy, there isn't currently a link between the series (there will be, just not yet!) Potion Making For Disastrous Witches is part of the Obscure Academy series, where each of the books follows a different supernatural couple.

  1. Potion Making For Disastrous Witches (Michaela & Owen) < currently part of the Midnight Magic Boxed Set

And more to come in the future! (I do love witches!)