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Egyptian Mythology Based Books


I've had a fascination with Egyptology since I was a kid and my Dad showed me the Mummy films way earlier than he should have done (I don't blame him, for one, his crush on Rachel Weisz is 100% justified, and for two, the films are awesome). And that has spilt over into my writing in a big way - here's how!

  • Forgotten Gods (book one, Protectors of Poison, is FREE! And you can get Lioness Of Karnak free exclusively from my website): a modern fantasy romance series featuring Egyptian gods & goddesses, each book can be read as a standalone but the characters do interact with one another.
  • The Queen Of Gods (complete series): a modern fantasy romance series connected to Forgotten Gods and following Hathor and Amun as they have a lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers thing going on (there's no other way to describe it!)
  • Forgotten Gods: Origins (complete series): this is connected to the other two series but set in ancient times and follows some of the creation myths. Each book can be read as a standalone and some of the characters appear thousands of years later in the other series.

  • The Apprentice Of Anubis: a series set in an alternative world where the Egyptian Empire took the place of the Roman one. It takes place in modern day London and follows Ani, a new priestess of Anubis who joins the temple as one of the Blessed. There's an adorable jackal familiar and a slow burn friends to lovers romance.

  • Bastet: part of the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world. This is a second chance romance based on Egyptian mythology and featuring Bastet and Ptah as they reconnect after meeting again at the speed dating event. It has a HEA, and is part of an amazing series written by amazing authors.
  • ?: I'm not revealing the name of my second book in the Speed Dating shared world, but I can reveal that the people saying they hope Menhit has a story of her own in the early reviews of Bastet are going to be pleased with who the heroine is in this one!