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Teaser: Initiate Of The Jackal (The Apprentice Of Anubis #2)

(Only one teeny tiny spoiler)
Copyright 2021 Laura Greenwood
I stiffle a yawn and turn my attention to the body in front of me. This should be a straight forward partial mummification, but I just can't seem to focus for long enough to start to process.
"Have a good date last night?" Nik asks with a smug grin.
"It was a nice night."
"But a late one?" He waggles his eyebrows suggestively.
"Yes, but not like you're thinking."
"So how long is it until we're going to have to call you Princess Ani?" There's something off about his voice, but I can't put my finger on what's causing it.
"Are you jealous, Nik? Do you want to be the girl on Ramesses' arm?" I ask as sweetly as I can manage.
Surprise flashes over his features. Apparently, he hadn't expected that question.


The Apprentice Of Anubis

Urban Fantasy in an Alternate Timeline

An urban fantasy series set in an alternative world where the Egyptian empire still rules. It follows a new priestess of Anubis, Ani, as she navigates temple politics and uncovers something she can't ignore.

Series Overview: 
Heat Level: Low - Relationship Type: m/f - Build: Slow - Point of View Character: Single first person POV, same throughout books - Cliffhangers: Yes - Tense: Present

Apprentice Of The Dead The Apprentice Of Anubis Laura Greenwood Initiate of the Jackal Laura Greenwood The Apprentice Of Anubis Novice of the Afterlife The Apprentice Of Anubis Laura GReenwood Priestess Of The Tombs The Apprentice Of Anubis Laura Greenwood