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Once Upon 2022 Celebration


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Hello and welcome! If you're new to me, then hi! I'm Laura Greenwood, and I write lots of different things, mostly with a paranormal or fantasy twist. But today I'm going to be focusing on my fantasy fairy tale retellings!  

I have lots of fun planned with some games, quizzes, and freebies! And this page will serve as a directory to them, so make sure you check it all out! 

About Me

I love to write - which might be obvious, but I like to say it anyway! And I love fairy tales. My favourite is Rapunzel (Disney's Tangled is one of my favourites when I'm having a bad day!), though oddly I've written more retellings of Snow White (I'm not even sure why!) I love French macarons, drink a lot of tea, and love learning about Egyptology in my spare time (though sadly I won't be talking about many of my Egyptian themed books today, though one of them is inspired by the original version of Cinderella!) 

Event #1: Find out which fairy tale character you are!

It's the best (and most fun!) way to introduce you to my characters! But which are you more like? Click the link to find the quiz and find out:

Event #2: What did you leave at the ball?

Everyone knows about Cinderella's forgotten shoe - but what did you leave behind at the ball? Click through to the page and play the game to find out:

Event #3: Aly Jigsaw

How fast can you complete the jigsaw of Aly from Grimm Academy? You can find out by clicking on the link and playing the game:

Event #4: Free Fairy Tale Books!

No party is complete without freebies, and I couldn't leave you without, especially when I love giving stuff away too! Hop over to the page to grab your freebies:

Event #5: Can you survive a fairy tale?

Do you think you have what it takes to survive a fairy tale? Why not take the quiz via this link and find out:

Event #6: Fairy Tale Word Search

Can you find all of the fairy tales in the word search? Click here to play and find out:

Event #7: Fairy Tale Crossword

Can you figure out what the words are from the clues? Find out by clicking on the link and heading to the Fairy Tale crossword:

Check out all of my fairy tale books here!

I hope you've enjoyed hanging out with me today! If you want to get to know me or my books better, you can either sign up to my newsletter (there's a fairy tale only list if you want it!) or you can join my reader group on Facebook!

And until then, why not check out my fairy tale retellings below! I'd love to know which you like the look of the most!