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Out Now: Acolyte Of Truth (Forgotten Gods #5)

Acolyte Of Truth Laura Greenwood Forgotten Gods

Having served Ma'at faithfully for many years, High Priestess Edrice is given a once in a life time opportunity. 

All she has to do is take a test. If she succeeds, she'll become a goddess in her own right. If she fails, she will cease to exist in this life and the next.

But with the art of making new deities lost to most of the other gods and goddesses, there are more risks than Menefer wants her to take. 

How can Edrice decide between her heart and her destiny? And is there a way she can keep both? 

Acolyte Of Truth is book 5 in the Forgotten Gods series and follows Edrice and Menefer as they rise through the ranks at Karnak Temple. It is based on Egyptian Mythology. 

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Acolyte Of Truth is my new favourite story from Laura Greenwood for many reasons. I love the afterlife as a theme and following High Priestess Edrice through the Hall of Judgement and the rest of her challenges had me on the edge of my seat. The writing is vivid, immersive, and I could picture the Egyptian sceneries like I was really there. There's a certain gentleness to the story of Edrice and it's hard not to feel compelled by her journey to the afterlife. Between the wonderful descriptions and the multiple stern but just Gods she meets and befriends, this book has me a little misty-eyed and wishing it was all real. Can't recommend it enough! - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author