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New Release: Above The Waves

What truth waits above the waves?

Even with her enemies silent for now, Macey still has a lot to deal with, including the truth about her past.  
Armed with more questions than ever before, she has to step into the waves for a chance to find out about who her real parents are. At least she has the support of the Wardens and her other allies and won't have to face Nessie alone... nor any of the other terrors waiting beneath the surface.

A reverse harem (still) drenched in Scottish mythology. Book 5 in the Seven Wardens series.

Reading order:

#1 From the Deeps
#1.5 Through the Storms (optional spin-off)
#2 Into the Mists
#3 Beneath the Earth
#4 Within the Flames
#5 Above the Waves