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Mythical Creatures with Lydia Sherrer

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My favorite mythical creature to write about are the fae, faries, fey, or whatever you want to call them. They're a fascinating subject because they have such versatility in how they can be portrayed, from their physical description to their personalities, their culture, even their world. We have a rich lore and mythology to draw from, and yet you can even make the fae into a completely different creature that has nothing to do with myth. They are extremely versatile and ripe with possibilities, like the elven and dwarven races, yet better. The fae are the very source of magic and all that is wondrous and beautiful in the world, so you could do anything from humanoid fae, to shifters, to anthropomorphic, or full fae animals, or even fae plants and trees (think I AM GROOT). I am always excited at the potential to create beautiful, yet terrible things with the fae, an inspiration I've had eve since I saw Cameron's "Avatar" and the world they created on Pandora. I am also a lover of plants, nature, and the outdoors, so I guess it was inevitable that I'd gravitate toward the creature that has an affinity for such things. And, yes, my favorite movie as a kid was definitely Fern Gully (don't judge). But in my book series, the Lily Singer Adventures, I have a ton of fun exploring the fae and fae culture from a unique perspective, not as cute little bobs flitting around, or even as a vindictive race of humanoids just waiting for mankind to let their guard down to swoop in and conquer. My fae are stewards of the earth, a disinterested party, shall we say, in the larger struggle playing out between man and demon. It's a fun take on fae purpose and culture and I'm only 4 books into a 12 book series, so there's much more fun to come. What's interesting though, is that the book I've written for the "Creatures" box set, is a spin-off origin story of one of the characters from before he ever met the fae. But it's alright, I have enough fun with a ghost and some tricksy demons that there's creatures enough to keep you occupied. Enjoy! Lydia Sherrer is the Author of Accidental Witch (Dark Roads Trilogy, Book 1). You can find out more about Lydia here!

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"I never meant to become a witch. But when those you love die, logic and reason usually die with them." Sebastian Blackwell is your typical high-school popular kid. At least, he used to be. But after his parents are killed in a freak accident, he goes from cool kid to orphan outcast before the dirt even settles over their grave. Now a shell of his former self, Sebastian realizes with soul-wrenching clarity what really matters in life, and is determined to get it back, no matter the cost. But to do it, he’ll to delve into his family’s darkest secrets, secrets his parents tried to protect him from all his life. With a ghost his only friend, a goth girl his only ally, and a demon prince his only chance, Sebastian sets out on a desperate path of redemption that, knowing his luck, is just as likely to damn him as save him. But as long as he gets his parents back, he doesn’t care. For fans of paranormal series like Supernatural and the Dresden Files, this tale of loss and the struggle for redemption will keep you on the edge of your seat. So be careful. You wouldn't want to fall off.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mythical Creatures with A.K. Michaels

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This is such a hard one for me! I write about so many that to pick one is such a difficult task, but it’s the challenge I’ve been set, so here goes. I think I’ll have to go with Shifters as I’ve been writing about them a lot lately, and I love my hot Wolves. They’re strong but also have flaws, like most of us, well mine do anyway. I know I have many. They are also loyal and will fight to the death to protect those they love. They also allow me to let my imagination run wild with their supernatural abilities, in essence, a writer’s dream. I enjoy describing their transformation, the sensations they experience in beast form, their attraction to their soulmate, and a host of other things. Basically I just love them. I particularly enjoy it when they meet their match in a mate. When they’re used to being Alpha, in charge all the time, and issuing orders, it’s nice to have someone stand up to them, and sometimes bring them to their knees by love alone. A big gruff Shifter being soft, sensual, and loving makes me all gooey inside, basically I’m a hopeless romantic. However, I also love my fight scenes and relish the times they have to dole out justice to the baddies. I write as much detail into those as I do any other and sometimes I get a wee bit carried away and have to go back and tone it down a bit. I have a tendency to be a little bit too gory at times, so I do have to amend it before publishing. All in all, I love Wolves because they give me the scope to do with them what I want, and that’s just the way I like it. Plus, they are hot! What’s a lassie not to like? Ava K Michaels is the Shade: A Wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance. You can find out more about Ava here!

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Will the cure be worse than the disease for Alpha, Shade Shawcross? Shade Shawcross is the proud Alpha of the Silver Lake Pack. He thinks he’s suppressed the abnormal Hunger that’s consumed him. He’s wrong. His two best friends, and Betas, know what’s going on and are determined to help their Alpha. Shade reluctantly agrees to embark on a search for the cure. The three friends scour the Pack’s newly digitized Archives, and all are shocked at what is revealed. Once his Wolf takes over, Shade is forced to succumb to the calling of the Goddess’ gift: his soulmate. With his mate on the run from her Alpha, Pack, and her father, Shade finds the path to his mate far from smooth. Add to the mix a trio of brothers seeking revenge against Shade for a slight against their scheming sister Shade once bedded. The situation becomes explosively dangerous. Can Shade keep his mate, and his Pack safe? Or will fate deal him a hand full of death and destruction? Shade: A Wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance from New York Times Best Selling Author, A K Michaels. A thrilling paranormal romance filled with hot Alpha males and fiery females, excitement, and adventures galore.

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Mythical Creatures with Kyoko M.

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 I tend to write about angels and demons as my favorite mythical creatures because I think that the morality of what they represent is incredibly interesting. Angels are usually all about saving lives and demons are all about destroying them. I like how they are great foils for each other, and I like that they all came from the same place. They’re on opposite sides after the war in Heaven, but they used to be on the same side, and I think that’s a great central source of conflict. Often, one of the most compelling pieces of advice for your antagonists is that “villains think they’re the hero of their own story” and so it opens you up to a whole new perspective when you consider it that way. Each of them thinks they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and that causes them to butt heads, and when you throw plain old human beings in the mix, then things just go crazy. I also like the idea of immortality in the context of good and evil. It’s got to be extremely difficult to be patient with human beings if you’re an angel or a demon, since depending on the mythos, they’ve been alive for millions of years. They could have acquired so much knowledge in that amount of time that I wonder if they find human beings to be the most ridiculous things they’ve ever laid eyes on. For example, the CW’s Supernatural took the stance that angels are pretty much just self-serving soldiers and most of them are insulted by the very idea of humanity. Conversely, the demons on that show pretty much formed a symbiotic relationship off of humans by either walking around in them via possession or just using them to get what they want in the end. I think immortality weighs into the angels and demons’ decisions a lot in that instance, where the angels think human beings are of no use whereas the demons recognize how they can profit off of them by playing to their desires. My Black Parade series adopts the idea of benevolent, kind angels, but they are certainly nothing to be trifled with. For example, one of my longtime favorite characters is the archangel Gabriel, who is like walking sunshine until it’s time to fight and then he can split dudes in half like a loaf of French bread. Some of the angels in my books have gotten grumpy with having to essentially babysit humanity until Judgment Day, but for the most part, the angels are protective of the human race and see their value in the long run, whereas the demons just see people as currency, or worse, as a meal. The demons have a predator/prey relationship with humanity and the angels do their best to intercede before things get too nasty. I sort of picture the angels like supernatural police officers, in that way. They’re meant to protect and serve both God and man, and I think there’s something very noble about a mythical creature who is there to guide people, since people are so prone to destruction. Kyoko M. is the Author of Back to Black. You can find out more about Kyoko M. here!

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Seer and demon slayer Jordan Amador has had it rough lately: separated from her husband the archangel Michael, hated by the angels who think she betrayed them, hunted by demons who want her dead or enslaved, and rejected by her friends and family for lying to them. Disgraced and miserable, she’s all but ready to lay down and die until another Seer named Myra Bennett saves her life. Myra gives Jordan a new mission: to wipe out a nest of demons that are terrorizing her family as well as the innocent people of Houston, Texas. Jordan goes undercover to infiltrate the demons’ nest and figure out how to eliminate them. Meanwhile, she’s locked in a deadly game with the archdemon Belial, who constantly visits her night after night in her dreams to convince her to give him her soul. Between the insanely gorgeous, but deadly archdemon poking around in her head and the vicious creatures surrounding her, she’s not sure how much longer she can survive.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

A Look Ahead to the Next 6 Months (Or So!)

Hello everyone!

There seems to be a lot going on at the moment on my end, so I thought I'd clue you in on what to expect for the next few months! Some of these titles are already available for pre-order if you go here! Others aren't up yet but ARE in the works! I'm going to break it down by month, just to make things a tad easier!

July 2017

July sees the start of the relaunch of my fairy tale series, now called Beyond the Curse! The first two books, Awakening & Betrayed will be available on the 20th and are already available for pre-order! They'll be followed by my Newsletter Serial book, His Lost Bear, which finishes on Friday. But don't worry! It's being replaced! There'll be a brand new Urban Fantasy serial called Reaper, and I'm already SO excited to share it. Also this month, I'll be releasing Chasing His Ladybird (or Ladybug for those in the US!) this one is just a short shifter romance that I wrote after being dared to by Gina Wynn, one of my author friends!

August 2017

Things slow down a bit in August! Or at least they do so far! I have the third book in the Beyond the Curse series releasing, Cloaked, as well as my first co-written project, Ocean's Serenade which is part of the Creatures Box Set!

September 2017

September is currently looking a bit thin on the are some of the other months going forward...but this will likely change! At the moment I have the fourth book of Beyond the Curse, Accursed, releasing, and I hope to have the fifth out too!

October 2017

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about the shifters on the Paranormal Council didn't you? But worry not! Book 5, The Witch's Stripes, is coming your way in October! And hopefully I can get book 6, The Hunter's Wings going too! You might also be able to expect more from Beyond the Curse! You can also expect Hidden, a dystopian retelling of Rapunzel (completely unrelated to my other fairy tale books!) 

November 2017

A lot in November will depend on where I am with the Beyond the Curse and Paranormal Council series, but you could see more from one or both here! There's also going to be an amazing Christmas Anthology I'm organisng themed around the 12 Days of Christmas! My story, Seven Swans A-Swimming, is going to be set in my shifter world! All proceeds from the anthology will be going to the Book Bus Charity. 

December 2017

I just looked, and I have nothing planned...not too sure what's happened here! I'd originally planned to release a Paranormal Council book (the last in the series in fact) but then I changed the plan up AND added more books to that you may end up getting book 7 here...and it definitely won't be the original book 7 either! 

January 2018

I've been promising Rhodopis since January 2017, but it will FINALLY be coming your way in January 2018. But it's going to be completely different! Instead of being historical fiction like I planned, this myths is going to take on an Urban Fantasy edge as it joins some great other stories in an Unusual Myths Anthology. AND the final book in the Beyond the Curse series, Wrecked, is going to be included in a twin anthology of Unusual Fairy Tales!

February 2018

Yes...I really do have things planned this far out! For anyone that's a fan of my Sweet Contemporary Series, There's going to be a fourth book; Do Without You, which is being included in a box set! I'm super excited about taking part in this one! Especially as it's for Valentine's Day!

Also Coming At Some Point...

As in I currently have no specific plan for these (or in one case, and actual release date!) Some of you may remember that I promised a fantasy, Hidden Smoke, in May. Well turns out, I ended up hating it. So I'm basically stripping it back down and doing some major rewrites. However, as it's set in the same world as Assassin Princess, I've decided that I'm going to do several standalones in the same universe. This has led to Escaping Smoke being born, which is going to be in an anthology in early 2018. There may be a third story in the Assassins Guild World coming up too! There is also a potential third story in the Moonrise series! 

PLEASE NOTE: A lot of the above is still subject to change. There may be additional projects added throughout the year, and particularly into the first part of next year

Full Series Lists
Subject to change, except where a book is already linked. *included in a box set or anthology. + no release date set.

The Witch's Stripes*
The Hunter's Wings+
The Frost's Claws +
The Wolf's Flight+
Currently Untitled+
The Lion's Crown +
The Dragon's Charm+ 
The Storm's Kiss+

Paranormal Council Spin-Offs
Chasing His Ladybird+
Seven Swans A-Swimming*


Do Without You*

Tails from the Sea co-written with J & L Wells

The Assassins Guild World
Hidden Smoke+
Escaping Smoke*

Currently Untitled+


Sunday, 2 July 2017



My amazing designer, Michelle @ Limabean Designs, has done it again! Cloaked is the third book in the Beyond the Curse series!

Life goes on around the cursed. 

A hundred years ago, Hansel and Gretel escaped from the Witch's hut with more power and riches than they could ever have imagined. For decades they've lived in peace. At least until Keira and Philip arrived. 

When young women begin to disappear from the nearby village, they take it upon themselves to uncover what's going on. But their past is about to catch up with them, and this time, even Gretel might not be able to save them. 

A fantasy paranormal retelling of Hansel & Gretel mixed with Little Red Riding Hood. A Beyond the Curse story.