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COVER REVEAL: The Vampire's Bite

As you may have guessed by now...I'm not always the most patient of people...and as the pre-order is processing on Amazon as we speak, I have no problem sharing the amazing cover created by Ammonia Book Covers!

I'm super excited about this (despite the fact that book 3 isn't quite out yet!) But the main characters of The Vampire's Bite, Tony and Eden, will both have appeared in my books before! Tony, had one tiny paragraph at the beginning of The Dryad's Pawprint (bet you just thought he was there for the hell of it!) And Eden appears in the spin-off Spellbound, which releases a week today! 

In fact...I love hiding characters! And because I'm feeling like sharing, here are a few characters you've met before (or will meet soon in a couple of cases!) that will get their own romance...

  1. Nathalie - she's a member of the Shifter Council, and first appeared in The Dryad's Pawprint (but wasn't named until The Vixen's Bark).
  2. Drayce - read above, but substitute "she" for "he"
  3. Dana - a Shifter first mentioned in The Necromancer's Prey, but she'll be appearing in book 5 (Nathalie's book)
  4. Luke -  a witch, and best friend of Ethan, the male protagonist of Spellbound, Luke's around for a bit of the later action!
  5. Rhianna - a not quite human (but I can't reveal what yet!) who interacts with Alden in the opening chapters of The Necromancer's Prey. Her love interest was also alluded to in this book, but that one will probably make more sense in retrospect!
  6. Aella - a storm nymph, and Lia's (female protagonist in The Dryad's Pawprint) sister. Fun fact is that, despite not being on the Shifter Council (for obvious reasons) Aella is seen or mentioned in all of the books so far, including the spin-off. She'll also appear in The Vampire's Bite. Her love interest appears in a bonus chapter that I'll be sending exclusively to my mailing list (for now!)
Which means that actually...if you've read the four books that are currently/nearly out, then you've met a good portion of my characters! And...just in case you missed are when my other characters were first introduced and mentioned! 

  1. Ari - a member of the Shifter Council (fox shifter), she was first seen in The Dryad's Pawprint, but became a main character in The Vixen's Bark.
  2. Bjorn - see above, but change "she" for "he"! And "fox shifter" for "bear shifter"
  3. Vic - a panther shifter, and Kem's brother. He's mentioned in The Dryad's Pawprint, but is getting his own story, His Lost Bear, which is currently an ongoing newsletter serial.
  4. Alden - a member of the Shifter Council, he was first seen in the Dryad's Pawprint, named in The Vixen's Bark, and became a main character in The Necromancer's Prey.
  5. Rory - a necromancer. She was first mentioned in The Vixen's Bark, and became a main character in The Necromancer's Prey.
  6. Eden - a vampire...or is she? First seen in Spellbound, becomes a main character in The Vampire's Bite.
  7. Tony - species depends on when and where in the series he is...First seen in The Dryad's Pawprint (briefly), then seen in Spellbound (briefly) and then becomes a main character in The Vampire's Bite.
Poor Kem (panther shifter) and Lia (dryad) from The Dryad's Pawprint, don't actually make the list because theirs is the first book! But they do appear in later stories. Kem makes an appearance in The Vixen's Bark, and they both appear in The Vampire's Bite. Same goes for Eliza and Ethan, the witches from Spellbound. They first appear in their own books, but they will appear in later books, most notably in Luke's story.

Honourable mentions go to Nita (His Lost Bear) and the love interests not mentioned (those of Nathalie & Drayce), as well as the characters in the book released in November...they will be introduced in advance, but just not yet! 

There may also be another spin off featuring Eliza's sister, Camille, and one of Ari's younger brothers! 

It's all super exciting to me! Though maybe not for everyone else!