The ME Series

A series of standalone contemporary romances packed with plenty of steam and fun storylines.

Sweet About Me Contemporary Romance Reverse Harem ME series Laura Greenwood Kneel For Me ME Series Contemporary romance reverse harem laura greenwood Heard From Me ME Series Contemporary romance reverse harem laura greenwood Laid By Me Contemporary reverse harem laura greenwood Dance With Me Laura Greenwood ME Series Contemporary royal romance audio susan greenway Hustle With Me Reverse Harem Laura Greenwood Me Collection Vol. 1 Laura Greenwood Me Collection Vol. 2 Laura Greenwood Me Collection  Laura Greenwood   

Sweet About Me 

Saffron Dean’s love life isn’t worth talking about. Instead, she throws herself into the small bakery she runs, and with Christmas coming soon, she’s busier than ever. 

But then two sexy-as-sin brothers move to town, and with the looks she’s now getting from her best friend, Daniel, she finds things are heating up, and not just in the kitchen.... 

Includes one talented baker, three hot men, and a f--kton of frosting. (Grandma, I suggest you skip this one.)

Audiobook - Narrated by Kira Grace

Kneel For Me 

One queen. Three suitors. A devious plot.

Almost queen, Amara has never had time for romance - until she has to find a husband or forfeit the throne. With limited time on her hands and a cousin eager to usurp her, Amara sets her sights on a foreign prince. Things get complicated quickly as her childhood sweetheart and her schoolyard enemy are on hand to confuse just about everything.

Can she win the hand of the prince and keep her crown?

Audiobook - Narrated by Nicole Blessing

Heard From Me 

Hazel has always dreamed of stardom, and of being the centre of her bandmates' attentions. But when she's given the chance of a lifetime, it comes with strings attached.

Can she pick between her career and love? Or can she find a way to have both?

Audiobook - Narrated by Kyo Sija

Laid By Me 

When Sophie discovers the contents of her long-lost father’s will, she’s thrown into a world she never even dreamed she could be part of. Now, she has to make sense of the business world, including how to deal with her sexy as sin fellow board members. 

Dare she give in to the offer they give her? 
Laid By Me is a contemporary reverse harem and Sophie's complete story.

Dance With Me 

Even Cinderella didn't have it this hard...

When Sadie goes to the royal wedding against her step-mother's wishes, she didn't expect to be swept off her feet by the groom's brother. Leo is everything she could have dreamed of; charming, handsome, accomplished...the only problem is that he's also a crown prince.

Dare Sadie follow her heart?

Audiobook - Narrated by Susan Greenway

Hustle With Me

Sometimes, justice is personal...

When an amateur con-woman gets caught red-handed, she's thrust into a plot for personal revenge. Learning the tricks of the con alongside three dashing and devious men, Katie finds herself enjoying it more than she thought possible. 

Can they pull it off? Or is their con doomed to fail?

ME Collection Vol. 1

ME Collection Vol. 2

ME: The Complete Series

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