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The Fae Queen Of Winter

Paranormal Fantasy Romance, Complete Series

A complete fantasy fae romance series following the Fae Queens of Winter and Spring. Part of The Paranormal Council Universe

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, third person
Point of View Character: Eira (books 1-3), Aledwen (book 4)
Heat Level: medium
Relationship Type: poly (prequel is m/f) 
Build: fast
Cliffhangers: no 
Tense: past

Saving Eira Fated Seasons: Winter Laura Greenwood paranormal romance Reigning Eira The Fae Queen Of Winter Laura Greenwood Calling Eira The Fae Queen Of Winter Laura Greenwood Paranormal Fae Fantasy Frost's Forfeit Laura Greenwood Chasing Aledwen Fated Seasons Spring Laura Greenwood

Saving Eira

The Fae Queen Of Summer is determined to steal Winter's power, and there's only one person standing in her way.

Eira's always known that as a descendant of Jack Frost, she's responsible for making sure the frosts arrive on time each year. But when a strange man arrives at her window telling her there's something wrong with her magic, she doesn't know what to do.

Thrown into the unknown world of the Fae Courts, while fighting for her budding relationships, it'll take everything Eira has to regain control of the frosts and bring winter into being. 

Audiobook - Narrated by Marina Barrett

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Reigning Eira

The Fae Queen Of Winter is dead. Long live the Queen. 

Eira thought she was done with the fae courts. At least, it seemed that way with the Fae Queen Of Summer incapacitated. But that all changes when she learns that the Fae Queen Of Winter is dying, and her daughter has abdicated the throne, leaving only one possible heir. 

Can Eira take the crown that's rightfully hers and restore the power of the frosts to the Winter Fae?

Calling Eira

The age old battle of the Summer and Winter Fae is almost over...and Eira is the key.

With her position as the Fae Queen Of Winter secure, Eira must face the biggest challenge yet and unite the two Fae Courts for the first time in hundreds of years, while embarking on the next adventure with her family.


Calling Eira is the third and final book in the Fae Queen Of Winter series, a fae paranormal/fantasy with a poly romance.

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Frost's Forfeit (Prequel)

Duty and motherhood don't go well together, at least not for the Fae Queen of Winter. With the Fae Queen of Summer itching for war, a daughter to protect, and a kingdom to run, things are already complicated for Nieves. When she calls the annual frosts and discovers she's being watched by a mysterious man, things only get worse.

Faced with an almost impossible choice, Nieves has to make the best decision for her people, her daughter, and her heart.

Frost's Forfeit is a stand-alone paranormal fantasy romance set in the Paranormal Council Universe and is prequel to Saving Eira.

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Chasing Aledwen

No one said being a princess was easy, and for Aledwen, the fae princess of spring, it's even harder. Especially with her lack of magic and the upcoming Birth of Spring. A ceremony she should be performing for the first time but can't. 

Luckily, she doesn't have to figure it out alone. Though at times, her shifter mates seem to be more of a hindrance than a help, and her elf's sense of duty may just override the bond between them. 

Can Aledwen become the queen she was always meant to be? Or will she be stuck as a magic-less princess?  

Chasing Aledwen is a poly romance set in the Paranormal Council universe, and it is the first audiobook in the Fated Seasons: Spring series.

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Audiobook - Narrated by Hollie Whitemore

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Boxed Set

The Fae Queen Of Winter Laura Greenwood

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