Rats: Tori

Rats: Tori is a trilogy of quick steampunk reads. 

Ruler of Rats Collector Of Rats Laura Greenwood Rats Tori Steampunk Reverse Harem Yuletide of Rats Laura Greenwood Rats: Tori Rats: Tori Steampunk reverse harem laura greenwood

Ruler of Rats

Tori has lived her life in the shadows as a Rat. And now, she wants to make a difference.By completing one task, Tori and her husbands can seal her position as the next Ruler of Rats, and from there she can change the world.

All she needs to do, is steal a necklace.

A steampunk reverse harem heist and the first of Tori and her husbands' adventures.

Collector of Rats

With the Rats running out of money and fast, there’s only one thing Tori can do. Calling in the debt will be dangerous, but Tori is determined, even if her husbands wished she wouldn’t go.

A Steampunk Reverse Harem Story and the second story featuring Tori and her husbands.

Yuletide of Rats

Danger lurks at Yuletide. 

Things are looking up for the Rats under Tori’s rule, but now, something dark is lurking. Tori and her husbands must stop the threat before it destroys them all.
Yuletide of Rats is a one-shot Steampunk Reverse Harem story and concludes Tori’s adventures.

Rats: Tori Collection

Delve into the city's underbelly alongside Tori and her husbands. 

From earning her place as the Ruler of Rats, to taking on a murderer, Tori's life is never dull, especially not when she's taking on a position of power for the unwanted and forgotten. 

Rats: Tori is a collection of three one shot steampunk stories with a heroine in a reverse harem relationship.

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