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Grimalkin Academy (Catacombs)

Paranormal Academy, Complete Series

Grimalkin Academy: Kittens is a completed paranormal/fantasy academy (non-bully) series following witch, Mona, as she battles with a curse that leaves her producing kittens instead of doing spells, black magic, and a jailbreak. Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs is a completed paranormal/fantasy academy (non-bully) series following witch, Daphne, as she searches the vampire part of the academy for an old family spell that'll let her turn into a cat. Part of the Obscure World

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, first person
Point of View Character: Mona (books 1-6), Daphne (books 7-10)
Heat Level: low
Relationship Type: poly
Build: slow
Cliffhangers: yes (complete series) 
Tense: present

First Time's A Charm Grimalkin Academy  paranormal Laura Greenwood Second Time's A Curse Grimalkin Academy Kittens Laura Greenwood academy Third Time's A Crime Grimalkin Academy Kittens Laura Greenwood academy Fourth Time's A Cure Grimalkin Academy  paranormal Laura Greenwood Fifth Time's A Crisis Grimalkin Academy  paranormal Laura Greenwood This Time Is Trouble Laura Greenwood Grimalkin Academy: Kittens The Obscure World Curses Start Somewhere Laura Greenwood Grimalkin Academy Kittens paranormal academy Catching A Vampire Grimalkin Academy Catacombs Laura Greenwood Catching A Wizard Grimalkin Academy Catacombs Laura Greenwood Catching A Warlock Grimalkin Academy Catacombs Laura Greenwood Courting A WItch Grimalkin Academy Catacombs Laura Greenwood   

First Time's A Charm

Things might be easier if I could stop conjuring kittens every time I attempt a spell.

I used to be good at magic. That's how I got into Grimalkin Academy in the first place. Then I was dared by my friends to try a spell way above my abilities. Now, the end of year exams are coming up, and I need to find a way to stop my magic going haywire all the time or I'm going to fail.

At least matters of my heart are easy enough...for now.

Second Time's A Curse

I never wanted a cat, but the ever-kittens don't seem to care, and now I have more than ever.

The last thing I expected when I came to Grimalkin was to learn I'd been cursed. And yet, now I am. I have no choice but to find a way to break it. But first, I need to work out who cast it in the first place.

At least I have some warlocks by my side to lend a helping hand.

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Third Time's A Crime

Betrayal is a strong word, and now I'm being accused of it. 

At least I'm not the one in custody for a crime I didn't commit, though that's caused its own problems. If I'm going to follow my heart, I need to prove one of my warlocks is innocent. The problem is, I don't know how to do that without condemning myself. 

Fourth Time's A Cure

I'm so close to having the answer, so why am I still cursed?

With my friends, kittens, and guys around, I'm starting to feel like I have a grip on what's going on. All I have to do is experiment until I stop conjuring kittens every time I do magic. And let's not forget the black magic plot that's afoot. I know something's going on, but I need to know more if I'm to clear our names. 

Then there's the Dean's threat. I don't want to be expelled, and I'm going to do everything in my power to stop it from happening.

Fifth Time's A Crisis

I thought being cured would solve all my problems, instead, it seems to have made them worse. 

With my kittens in trouble, and the threat of black magic users only getting stronger, I have more than enough on my plate. 

At least I have my best friend, and my warlocks to lean on for help. 

This Time Is Trouble (HEA Book)

Now her curse is lifted, Mona has a chance to follow her dream of becoming an archaeologist. When a chance to take part in one comes up, she can't refuse, even if it means leaving her kittens, Caspian, and Thomas behind for a few weeks.

Everything is going to plan until Mona and Ryan find themselves lost in a tomb and in need a kitten to come to the rescue.

Luckily for them, Rhubarb has come along for the ride.
This Time Is Trouble is part of the Grimalkin Academy: Kittens series and is set two years after the events of book 5. It is a light-hearted adventure set during Mona's third year at Grimalkin Academy and features magic, kittens and more!

Curses Start Somewhere (Prequel)

All curses start somewhere, and it's not always where you expect. 

With graduation approaching, Ronnie and Magda need to finish writing their spellbook so they can receive the ultimate reward: a place on Grimalkin Academy's honour roll. 

But when things start to go wrong, it turns out that more than their friendship is on the line, and if Ronnie can't fix it, the consequences won't be worth thinking about. 

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Catching A Vampire

Studying at Grimalkin has been Daphne's dream since she was a little girl. 

With her best friend unable to do the simplest spells, her brother determined to find an old family spell to turn them into cats, and hot dates with a vampire, her hands are full enough. Add to that two other guys trying to get her attention, and a teacher that seems to hate her, and Daphne's school year isn't quite going to plan…

Catching A Wizard

Heartbroken and rejected, Daphne has to find a way to carry on if she wants to stay at Grimalkin Academy.

With her brother still intent on finding the old family spell, and his best friend still trying to get Daphne to agree to a date, she has her hands full. Even if what she really wants to do is make a vampire forgive her.

Can they find the spell? And can Daphne convince Heath to forgive her?

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Catching A Warlock

Finding the family spell wasn't all Daphne wanted it to be.

With side effects from her cat-shifting making themselves known, Daphne has to race against time to fix them, especially as her new enemy wants to do everything she can to get Daphne expelled.

Can Daphne and her friends figure out a way for her to stay at Grimalkin Academy?

Courting A Witch (HEA)

When given the chance of a lifetime to go to the vampire Yuletide ball with Heath, Daphne jumps at the opportunity, even if she's going to be the only witch there. 

At first, she finds herself entranced by the beauty of the ball, until catastrophe strikes the Christmas tree and it's up to Daphne to save the day. 

Courting A Witch is part of the Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs series and is an optional Christmas story involving vampires and witches. It is a fun happy ever after story set approximately a year after the end of Catching A Warlock.

Boxed Set Kittens Books 1-3

Boxed Set Kittens Books 4-6

Boxed Set Catacombs 7-11

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