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Answers can be found in the titles/series/titles/blurbs or in my Facebook Reader Group.

Across Clues

5 - Name of the bar in Renegade Dragons
7 - The main character of the Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs
9 - Heroine of the Consorts Of The Goddess series
14 - What Arabella Reed (The Vixen's Bark) can shift into 
15 - The fairy tale Balanced Scales is based on
17 - Name of Lucy's blind cat (The Vampire Detective)

Down Clues

1 - What Anima (Reaper) is missing
2- Name of Mona's first kitten (Grimalkin Academy: Kittens)
3 - Colour of Leola's shifted form (Valentine Pride)
4 - Ashryn (Ashryn Barker Trilogy) and Lily (No Stakes Allowed) used to be this
6 - Sekhmet's cursed form (Daughter Of The Sun)
8 - Ashryn's weapon of choice (Ashryn Barker Trilogy
11 - Macey's favourite food (Seven Wardens)
12 - Amethyst's profession (Hexes and Vexes)
13 - What Macey is (Seven Wardens)
16 - Male character who likes to use windows instead of doors (The Fae Queen Of Winter)

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