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Return Of The Fae

Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic, Complete Series

A complete post-apocalyptic paranormal series following four heroines as they try to survive the end of the world and bring back the fae controlled weather. Part of The Paranormal Council Universe - but an alternative timeline to the other Paranormal Council books.

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, third person
Point of View Character: changes between books
Heat Level: low
Relationship Type: poly
Build: fast
Cliffhangers: no 
Tense: past

Wolf Blessed Fall Of Hope Return of the Fae Blessed Paranormal Apocalyptic Laura Greenwood Fae Blessed Blessed Series Laura Greenwood Rise Of Night Return Of The Fae Paranormal Apocalyptic  Urban Fantasy Elf Blessed Dawn Of Pain Return Of the Fae Blessed paranormal apocalayptic audiobook audio Sight Of Change Return Of The Fae Laura Greenwood Frost Blessed  urban fantasy paranormal apocalyptic

Fall Of Hope

Being a runaway princess isn't always as fun as people think...

Stuck in the human realm when the world ended, Rhianna just kept on running...until the wolves at her heels caught up and she uncovered a plot to bring back civilization in the worst possible way.

All she has to do, is stop the plot before any more innocents end up dead.


Rise Of Night

Love can be found in the most surprising places....

Perry has one goal: to find the best friend she lost when the world ended. Even after five years, she's not given up hope. But a sudden change in the weather finds her more than she bargained for.

If only the end of the world wasn't so complicated.

Audiobook - Narrated by Anaya Vitalis


Dawn Of Pain

Even from darkness, love can bloom.

Having escaped from captivity, Arwen wants to make the most of her second chance, even if that means watching over her unconscious friend. When newcomers arrive at Sanctuary, her life is turned upside down and she's finally faced with what she wants: A life of her own not plagued by her nightmares.

But before she can move on, Arwen has some wounds to heal. And not just her own...

Audiobook - Narrated by Anaya Vitalis


Sight Of Change

Being able to see the future doesn't make living it any easier.

Only the thought of Sanctuary has kept Izzy going as she treks through destroyed cities and ever changing weather. But when she gets there, she discovers she's responsible for the one thing she doesn't want to the world.

And that isn't the only thing her gift can't predict...

The Complete Boxed Set

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