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Paranormal Criminal Investigations

Spell Caster Paranormal Criminal Investigations Laura Greenwood paranormal romance mystery reverse harem

Ashryn Barker Trilogy 

Shattered Illusions Ashryn Barker Trilogy Laura Greenwood urban fantasy Broken Illusions Ashryn Barker urban fantasy Laura Greenwood Tarnished Illusions AShryn Barker urban fantasy Laura Greenwood Ashryn Barker Urban Fantasy Reverse harem Laura Greenwood

Blessed Series 

Wolf Blessed Blessed Paranormal Apocalyptic Laura Greenwood Reverse Harem Fae Blessed Blessed Series Laura Greenwood Elf Blessed Anaya Vitalis Blessed Reverse Harem paranormal apocalayptic audiobook audio

MatchMater Paranormal Dating App

Reluctant Dragon Mate Laura Greenwood MatchMater Online Dating paranormal romance

Forgotten Gods

Protectors of Poison Laura Greenwood paranormal romance Daughter of the Sun Laura Greenwood Sterling Legrand Carnay

Fated Seasons: Winter

Saving Eira Fated Seasons: Winter Laura Greenwood paranormal romance 

 Fated Seasons: Spring 

Chasing Aledwen Fated Seasons: Spring Laura Greenwood paranormal fantasy fae romance

The Paranormal Council 

The Dryad's Pawprint The Paranormal Council Laura Greenwood The Vixen's Bark The Paranormal Council Laura Greenwood audio paranormal romance The Necromancer's Prey Laura Greenwood the Paranormal Council audiobook Libby Kerk paranormal romance

Thornheart Coven 

Witch's Potion Thornheart Coven Laura Greenwood Paranormal Romance Witch's Spark Thornheart Coven Laura Greenwood paranormal romance

Standalones in the Paranormal Council Universe

Frost's Forfeit Laura Greenwood fantasy paranormal romance mythology Blood and Deceit Laura Greenwood Paranormal urban fantasy romance audiobook jess combs

ME Series

Sweet About Me Contemporary Romance Reverse Harem ME series Laura Greenwood Kneel For Me ME Series Contemporary romance reverse harem laura greenwood Heard From Me ME Series Contemporary romance reverse harem laura greenwoodIf the Shoe Fits Laura Greenwood ME Series Contemporary royal romance audio susan greenway

The Renegade Dragons, co-written with Arizona Tape

Fifth Soul Arizona Tape Laura Greenwood Susan Greenway Renegade Dragons Paranormal Romance Audiobook Audio Fifth Round Laura Greenwood Arizona Tape Renegade Dragons paranormal rom com reverse harem dragon shifters Fifth Flame Arizona Tape Laura Greenwood Susan Greenway Renegade Dragons Paranormal Romance Audiobook Audio Renegade Dragons Audio Susan Greenway Arizona Tape Laura Greenwood reverse harem paranormal romance

Twin Souls, co-written with Arizona Tape

Soulswap Laura Greenwood Arizona Tape Twin Souls Trilogy f/f paranormal romance Susan Greenway Audio

Dragon Soul, co-written with Arizona Tape

Torn Soul Dragon Soul Paranormal Romance Laura Greenwood Arizona Tape

Seven Wardens, co-written with Skye MacKinnon

From The Deeps Angus Yellowlees Skye Mackinnon Laura Greenwood Seven Wardens Into the Mists Seven Wardens Angus Yellowlees Skye MacKinnon Laura Greenwood reverse harem fantasy


Glass Heart Audio Laura Greenwood Reaper Laura Greenwood Afterlife Journeys Permission To Breathe Denied Laura Greenwood Dystopian Reverse harem rapunzel

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