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Saturday, 30 July 2022

Important Update: Rosewood Academy


Rosewood Academy is coming off sale on 31st August

But it will be coming back...sort of.
Rosewood Academy has always been a passion project for me, and I loved absolutely every minute of writing it because of that. I've also been dying to write book 2 (Your Heart To Win is a side story/prequel of sorts), but I haven't been able to find the time.
Passion projects are a funny thing - they'll either sell like crazy and become one of your top series (The Apprentice Of Anubis was a huge passion project of mine), or they'll barely be read by anyone (which is sadly where Rosewood Academy sits).
But that's left me with a huge problem - I want to write Rosewood Academy book #2 (and #3, and #4, I have lots of ideas for the series), and I always tell myself I'm going to when I have the time. The problem is that I barely ever do because some of my other passion projects are doing incredibly well and I also want to work on them.
So I sat down and I had a long hard think about the future of Rosewood. As I mentioned, I love the story, and I love Sophia and Lucas' relationship, and the way the students interact with one another. I also really love the idea I have for Charlotte and Arthur's main book, and the plot I have for book 3 is one of my absolute favourites.
The more I thought about it, the more I realised that a lot of the world-building around the students also fits with another set of world-building I've been working on - the fae of the Obscure World. The Obscure World in general has been getting bigger with some non-British love interests recently (Azíl from Cauldron Coffee Shop is Moroccan, and Antonio from The Macaron Witch is Italian), and Stonerest Academy (the main fae academy) has always been planned to include characters from all over Europe as part of the plot.
And if you've read My Secrets To Keep & Your Heart To Win, then you might remember that most of the characters aren't British, including twins Sophia & Arthur who are Belgian Royalty (side note: yes, they're Belgian because Arizona is Belgian, it wasn't a totally random choice).
So...Rosewood Academy as it stands is coming down. And when I re-release it, it's going to be a little bit different. A lot of the plot, conversations, and friendship will stay the same, BUT there will also be a lot of differences as I restructure the whole world into one where the royalty and nobility at Rosewood are fae royalty (complete with the magic that comes with). At this point, I'm still in the early stages of working out how it'll work - and there's a chance that it'll just end up being a completely different book in the end!
This isn't something I've decided lightly, and it won't be happening to any of my other contemporary books (which will stay as they are) for a variety of reasons. But My Secrets To Keep is a story I love and I want out there, and the best way for me to make sure it has the best book life possible is to bring it in line with the rest of my brand and give it a completely new lease of life (though it will probably have the same title, I love the titles for the books.) It'll still have royalty, it'll still be set at an Academy for royals & the elite, and it'll still be romance first (but it will probably become dual POV while I'm reworking it!)
What will happen now?
The contemporary versions will be coming off sale on 31st August (though I will leave them on my Payhip store after that, and I do have a couple of hardbacks & paperbacks in stock). I don't have a date when I'll relaunch, but I will probably fit it in between Broomstick Bakery ending and Merton starting (the former will end early next year with The Baklava Witch, and the latter was going to start at the end of 2023, but may move into 2024 as I don't have covers yet anyway!) this space!

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