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Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Excerpt: Saving Eira (The Fae Queens #1)

This week's excerpt is from Saving Eira, book one of the completed Fae Queens series. In it, Eira meets one of her fated mates...the one who hates using doors, and her succubus side gets a little on edge as a result (don't worry, the excerpt is safe for work still...the book not so much!)
Copyright 2017 Laura Greenwood


"Stupid men," Eira muttered to herself, stripping off her dress and stepping into the hot shower. The water pounded down on her, helping to clear her head the rest of the way. She looked at her hands, still surprised over the earlier show of magic happened. That hadn't happened since the day she'd met Josh. She wondered what the similarities were between that day and this, but pushed the thought away. It wasn't going to get her anywhere really. And it wasn't like the frosts were due until later in the week. Or at least, she didn't think they were. She hadn't felt the tell tale tingle telling her it was time yet. And she always had, even before she turned eighteen and it became her job to make sure that they came.
She stepped out of the shower and towel dried her hair. She contemplated tying it up so that it was out of the way, but decided against it, it wasn't like anyone was going to see it anyway. Josh had made sure of that. And now she'd have to sort herself out in an attempt to keep her succubus side happy. Or as happy as that side could be without full blown sex. She frowned. It really had been a while, she should have taken her chance with Rueben when she could, bystanders be damned. "Snap out of it Eira," she told herself, wrapping a warm fluffy towel around herself and exiting the bathroom. She lived alone after all, it wasn't like there'd be anyone to see her naked. Well, she supposed that wasn't quite true. Josh had a tendency of walking in without knocking, but she didn't see that as a bad thing. Especially not tonight. In fact, that fantasy would probably be dueling with thoughts of Rueben's teeth against her neck for her attention later.
"Hello, Eira," an amused male voice said. Eira jumped, letting out a short scream. Turning around, she saw a man she'd never met before lounging on her sofa. She took him in, but couldn't think of a word to describe him except for summer. It was like his entire being glowed, and while he had brown hair, the word brown didn't quite do him justice. The same with his eyes, it was almost as if they possessed every colour imaginable. They were kind of mesmerising. To the point that Eira almost forgot he was an intruder in her home.
"Who are you?" she asked breathlessly, hating that he was evoking that kind of feeling in her.
"Does it matter?" He smirked as he asked.
"You're in my flat uninvited, so I'd say yes."
"If you were really that bothered you'd have called for the overprotective witch next door." He looked down at his nails, examining them closely as if he was bored. But she didn't buy it. His eyes never actually strayed from her, and they were making her feel a little bit exposed. And not just because she was only wearing a towel.
"He'll come if I need him to," she responded, relieved to finally know what Josh was. She'd have it out with him later about not telling her. Right now she had more important things to deal with.
"Oh I'm sure he will."
"What do you want?" She gave an exasperated sigh.
"How's the magic, Frostie?" he looked up at her, his eyes meeting hers and everything seemed to stand still. Mesmerising had been the wrong word. His eyes were beyond that. She couldn't think at all while looking into them.
"Fine," she said eventually. She held out her right hand and summoned a handful of snowflakes. Not a particularly useful power, but it was pretty at least.
"And the power to bring the frosts?" he looked amused.
"It's not time for that yet."
"Isn't it?" He arched an eyebrow, causing panic within Eira. She'd assumed the frosts weren't due yet because her magic hadn't activated, but what if there was another reason they weren't here? She grabbed her phone from the coffee table and paged through the calendar, trying to keep on eye on the smirking man on her sofa. Looking through the days, she saw that he was right; the frosts had been due yesterday. She'd just been so distracted with the other things in her life that she hadn't actually checked. She clicked through the calendar just to check she'd not got the dates wrong.
"How do you even know about this stuff?" she asked.
"It's pretty common knowledge, Eira." He drew out her name as if it was a delicacy, and she liked the sound of it, despite knowing that she shouldn't. And that she should probably focus on getting him the hell out of her flat.
"Maybe, but what I am isn't at all."
"Hard not to know when you're waving around your magic in public." He raised an eyebrow and she scowled at him; no way was he going to make her feel bad about something that she hadn't realised was happening. Not that it wasn't worrying that all it had taken was an almost kiss from Rueben to set off her magic. It really was. Especially when thoughts of the blond vampire had her feeling all hot and bothered almost as soon as they started. She really should have made sure she brought a guy back with her before the end of the night.

The Fae Queens

Paranormal Fantasy Romance, Complete Series

A complete fantasy fae romance series following the Fae Queens of Winter and Spring. Part of The Paranormal Council Universe

Series Overview: 
Heat Level: Medium - Relationship Type: Whychoose) - Build: Fast - Point of View Character: Single third person POV, same between book books - Cliffhangers: No - Tense: Past

Saving Eira Fated Seasons: Winter Laura Greenwood paranormal romance Reigning Eira The Fae Queen Of Winter Laura Greenwood Calling Eira The Fae Queen Of Winter Laura Greenwood Paranormal Fae Fantasy Frost's Forfeit Laura Greenwood Chasing Aledwen Fated Seasons Spring Laura Greenwood

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