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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Anthology: Shifters For A Cause

 Shifters For A Cause Collection Laura Greenwood

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It takes a village...

When ten-year-old Kevin comes down with Uniform Shifter’s Disease—a blood disorder that would eventually prevent him from shifting between his animal form and his human—one small town will band together and do whatever it takes to fight an insidious disease affecting the shifters who live among them.

From Wolves to Dragons to Possums, and everything in between, the single shifters are going up for auction! Sold to the highest bidders, for 24 hours anything goes—and some might even find their fated mates.

When times get tough, the tough get dates with sexy shifters, all for a good cause.

★★★ Authors & Stories Featured in Shifters For A Cause ★★★

Laura Greenwood - Margo Bond Collins - C. J. Beaumont - Krista Ames - Sapphire Winters - Joel Crofoot - Elvira Bathory - Payne Craven - Rebecca Lovell - J. P. Uvalle - Cass Alex - Marissa Nofer - Andra Dill - Annamarie Gardner - McKayla Schutt - Melissa Bell - Lisa Wood

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