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Saturday, 1 May 2021

Anthology: Talons and Tails


Talons and Tails Urban Fantasy Famliars Anthology

Talons and Tails is now unpublished. You can get my co-written story, An Origin Tail, on your favourite retailer:

Paws what you're doing and dive into this collection of urban fantasy tails following witty leads and their furry sidekicks on adventures like no other. 

Fight crime with cats, save the world with wolves, and uncover the truth with bats, in these fast-paced and action-packed stories from bestselling authors. 

Talons & Tails is exclusive to Bookfunnel and only available until 31st August, get your copy today! 

Tails & Talons includes: 

Sorcery and Silver (A Blaize Silver Story) by Margo Bond Collins
An Origin Tail (A Vampire Detective Story) by Laura Greenwood & Arizona Tape 
April in Aurora (An Echo Romance Prequel) by Mandy Melanson & Elle Ryan
A Flutter Of Wings (A City of Sentinels Novelette) by Sofia Aves
The Twisted Tomb (A Char Carnahan, Treasure Huntress Story) by Kristin Kova
Possessing the Maiden by Helena Novak
The Purrrge by Kit Blackwood
The Girl Who Spoke With Spirits (The Tattoo Teller Series) by R.C. Barnes
Sworn to Rise by Misty Simon
Immortal Magic by Bex Taylor
Amethyst’s Rebellion (A Grimoire Chronicles Short Story) by Zelda Knight
Rule Number One, Darkling and Lightling Magic Don't Mix...Scratch That (A Deamon's Design Novelette) by M.T. Finnberg
Three Days in Undead Shoes by Dee J. Holmes

By downloading the Talons & Tails collection, you are agreeing to be contacted by the following authors: Margo Bond Collins, Laura Greenwood, Arizona Tape, Mandy Melanson, Elle Ryan, Sofia Aves, Kristin Kova, Helena Novak, Kit Blackwood, Misty Simon, Bex Taylor, Zelda Knight, M.T. Finnberg, Dee J. Holmes


  1. I tried to download it on the kindle app on two of the smartphones I have and my kindle oasis. It won't download on any of them.

    1. Hi Jamie, I'm so sorry about that. All tests on this end have worked, so I'm not sure what's causing it, but I can suggest contracting Bookfunnel support, they're excellent at finding the cause of problems like this!