Thursday, 18 February 2021

New Audio: Untold Tales 1-3 Boxed Sets

 Untold Tales Laura Greenwood Books 1-3 fairy tale fantasy romance

  Delve into the ocean, fly with new wings, and rule a kingdom as an evil queen in this collection of fairy tale retellings. Discover The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, and Snow White's Evil Queen in these tales of fantasy adventure.

The Untold Tales Books 1-3 Collection includes:

- Balanced Scales: Join Mari as she ventures up from the sea in order to save her soul, accompanied by her seal familiar.

- Golden Wings: Adventure through the city with orphan, Lina, as she discovers what it truly means to gain her wings, helped by her trusty butterfly.

- Poisoned Fate: Discover why the Evil Queen became who she was as Katya makes choices she'd rather not, comforted only by her pet wolf.

The Untold Tales Collection Books 1-3 is a set of three standalone fantasy fairy tale retellings, each with a low heat romantic m/f sub-plot, plenty of magic, leading ladies who can save themselves, and familiars who help them.

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