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Saturday, 4 January 2020

New Covers (and a Book 3!) For The Fae Queen Of Winter Series!

Saving Eira Fated Seasons: Winter Laura Greenwood paranormal romanceReigning Eira The Fae Queen Of Winter Laura GreenwoodCalling Eira The Fae Queen Of Winter Laura Greenwood Paranormal Fae Fantasy

The Fae Queen Of Winter series has had a makeover! I hope you love the new covers as much as I do! This rebrand has come after a lot of hard consideration, but I felt that Eira needed covers that represented the fae elements of her story more, especially as they come more into play in books two and three of the series. 

Along with the rebrand, book 3 of the series is now up for pre-order for November. That will see this series complete!

The Fae Queen Of Winter Series: 
Frost's Forfeit (Free Prequel)


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    1. Hi Kaththea, I've just tested them all and they're working fine on this end, but if you tell me what store and country you need the link for, I can get you the direct links :-)