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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Bonus Story: Baked Illusions

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Very very mild spoilers from the (completed) Ashryn Barker Trilogy below!
Please note: this scene is totally for fun and doesn't actually add anything to the storyline.
Copyright Laura Greenwood 2018

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I ask Bram as he ties on his apron.
He looks ridiculous but mostly because I never thought I'd ever see him in a kitchen, let alone in a chef's hat while brandishing a spatula.
"You want to learn to make brownies, we'll make brownies."
I stifle a laugh, not wanting him to know how silly he looks.
"Alright then." I pick up the recipe and compare it to the ingredients we have piled up around us. "I think we need to start with melting the chocolate."
I pass it to him and watch as he cracks the pieces and drops them into a glass bowl. I can't believe he's never done this. Every now and again, I would have kitchen duty in the guild and I'd watch them cook proper food but never anything tasty like this.
"Now what?"
"Erm..." I look back at the recipe. "We have to melt it over a bain Marie?" I can't help phrasing it as a question, I have no idea what the recipe could possibly mean.
"I'm not sure." Bram gestures towards the recipe and I pass it to him. "There's nothing in the ingredients called that either..."
"You need to put it over a pan of simmering water," Remus says, amusement clear in his voice.
I smile broadly as I look over at him standing in the doorway. "I thought you were busy?"
"I am," he responds. "But when Eric said he foresaw a mess in the kitchen, I had to come see this."
"He's not even a real prophet, how can he have foreseen a mess?" Bram grumbles.
I push down the sigh. Those two are never going to see eye to eye at this rate, though I'm still holding on to the hope they'll get past it at some point.
"We could use some help?" I bat my eyelashes, hoping he'll come join us. Especially as he seems to know what all our weird instructions mean.
"I can't." Disappointment flashes over his face and I step close to him.
"We'll have plenty of time to cook together," I say softly.
"I know but you have a cute little blob of flour on your nose."
A blush rises to my cheeks. We haven't even used the flour yet, I'm not sure how that got there but if Remus thinks it's cute...
"I'll put one there for you specially," I promise and go up on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "I'll bring you some brownies when we're done?"
Remus nods. "But only if you test them on Dimitri first."
"I don't think that'll help, he has a terrible sense of taste" Bram responds, clattering a pan about as he fills it with water and sets it on the heat.
"I'll make sure Bram tests them before the rest of us," I promise.
Remus chuckles. "That sounds promising. Have fun."
"We will." I beam at him.
He gives me one last lingering look before leaving to go save people.
I bounce back over to Bram, eager to bake our brownies and create the masterpiece we're sure to create. We may not have any experience doing this but we'll make up for it with enthusiasm.

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