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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

New Release: Academy of Spells and Wishes Collection

Academy of Spells and Wishes Huntsmen And Hoods Laura Greenwood

Welcome to the Academy of Spells And Wishes, where you'll find everything from time travellers to reapers. Delve into eleven tales of lessons, magic, and academy life. 

Whether you want to fall in love, or just go on an adventure, there's something for everyone in this collection!

Stories From: 
USA Today & International Bestselling Author, Laura Greenwood
USA Today & International Bestselling Author, Skye MacKinnon 
USA Today Bestselling Author, Debbie Cassidy 
USA Today & International Bestselling and Award Winning Author, Rosemary A Johns
USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicole Zoltack 
USA Today Bestselling Author, Catherine Banks
USA Today Bestselling Author, Arizona Tape 
International Bestselling Author, Anna Santos 
Victoria DeLuis
Chris Coleman 
Jessa Lucas

A portion of the proceeds from Academy of Spells And Wishes will be donated to an anti-bullying charity. There are no bully romance stories in this collection. 

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