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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Audio Release: Balanced Scales

Balanced Scales Untold Tales Little Mermaid Retelling Urban Fantasy Laura Greenwood

A shipwreck leads to the thing mermaids most fear....

Mari has joined the ranks of the soulless mer, cursed to disappear when they die and not live on in the spirit world. There's only one way to stop it, but that involves something no one has ever managed before. With the aid of her shape-shifting pet seal, a rescued sailor, and the spirit of a man she can't even see, Mari ventures onto land for the first time in her life, determined to save the souls of her people.

But the land of men comes with many dangers, and not all her allies can be trusted. Can she restore what's been stolen and right the balance between land and sea once more? Or will she doom herself for eternity....

A stand-alone story inspired by the Little Mermaid. An Untold Tales fairy-tale retelling.

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