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Monday, 12 August 2019

There are NO rats in Rats: Tori

A few people have brought up that they were put off from reading Rats: Tori because they didn't want to read about rats, so I just wanted to take a moment to confirm that there are no actual rats in this collection. Rats is the term used by the nobility to talk about the people they deemed unworthy of living. This is a steampunk dystopian setting, all of the characters are 100% human! 

But I'll let Tori do the explanation (don't worry, no spoilers, this is the start of Ruler of Rats!)

BEWARE RATS was scrawled across the faded brown paper. I sighed. I really shouldn't be surprised. The establishment seemed to hate us Rats, even if it wasn't really our fault we were so...ratish. 
It was just because we were born in the shadows, or forced there by disfigurement. The accidents in the steam factories sending us here. Well, not me. I was one of the ones born to this. And I'd been climbing my way to the top ever since. It had only taken me a record twenty-four years to get close too. No other past leader had been under thirty, never mind under twenty-five. Which only made me more determined than ever to succeed

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