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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Rebrand of the ME Series

The ME Series has had a makeover! I loved the original covers, but these are more in line with what people expect for flirty and fun contemporary romance! I hope you like them! 

Sweet About Me Contemporary Romance Reverse Harem ME series Laura Greenwood


Sweet About Me follows baker, Saffron, as she works on making her cafe a success...not realising that her heart is also on the menu!

Sweet About Me is also FREE at the moment!

Kneel For Me ME Series Contemporary romance reverse harem laura greenwood


Kneel For Me follows almost Queen, Amara, as she discovers she has to get married in order to take her rightful place. Or is it all just a plot to steal the throne from her?

Heard From Me ME Series Contemporary romance reverse harem laura greenwood


Heard From Me follows Hazel, the lead singer of Fifth Element, as she steps into a forbidden romance and works towards what every band dreams of. 

Laid By Me Contemporary reverse harem laura greenwood

Laid By Me follows Sophie as she discovers her surprise inheritance and just what that entails. Can she get a handle on her new job and on her heart?

Laid By Me is a brand new release!

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