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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Zodiac Shifters: Centaur's Mate by Mary Winter

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.



Centaur's Mate

A power she was never told about and a destiny she never knew. Will Saraid overcome her fear of the forest to find her fated mate?

With her ailing aunt in need of care and companionship, Saraid Garwich moves to her family’s forest estate. She’d never liked visiting as a child. She hated camping or anything to do with bugs, getting dirty, and not having the comforts of modern living. Something about the forest had always seemed dangerous. When one night during a fever dream, her aunt tells her that her destiny lies within the heart of the woods, Saraid promises her aunt she’ll go. When she does, she sees something she never thought possible: a man turning into a centaur. More surprisingly, the man is Keilan, her aunt’s groundskeeper. She thinks both of them are crazy and makes plans to return to her life in New York. Except she can’t get the centaur, or the man, out of her mind. And with each passing day, it’s becoming harder and harder to leave.

Keilan Ceffyl needs to find his mate. His family has lived in the secret woods, one of the last vestiges of magic, for generations. When Saraid comes to tend to her ailing aunt, her destiny becomes intertwined with his. She needs to become the Guardian and accept her destiny as his mate. Without her, both of their lines will end and the consequences for the worlds of magic and of man, will be devastating. But how can he convince a pampered city girl that living and loving through the forest will save them both?

Centaur's Mate mary Winter Zodiac Shifters

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Unicorn Unleashed Excerpt

Saraid remained silent until they reached the edge of town and she stopped at a light. She searched Keilan’s face for any clues, anything other than the serious tone of his voice to tell her why. “It’s real, isn’t it?”
Her question hung in the air between them as the light changed; his silence as solid as the evidence in the two books sitting in her purse. Two more lights stopped them before she reached the hospital and once there, she slung her bag over her shoulder and hurried through the ER doors, Keilan on her heels.
He grabbed her elbow and stopped her before she reached the desk. “Yes. It is. Doors are closing, Saraid, that you didn’t even know existed and there are things—” He took a deep breath. “So many things I want to say to you. But right now focus on your aunt. Remember, I’m by your side and always have been.”
She nodded at the gravity in his words, though they puzzled her. Always by her side? She’d spent most of her life in New York and other than occasional times when she visited her aunt, she’d hardly seen Keilan. Pulling her business face into place, she marched up to the desk. “I’m with a patient who just arrived. Aislyn Garwich. I’m her niece. I also have medical power of attorney. If you don’t have them on file, I have copies of all her papers.” She kept extra copies in a brown envelope in her purse, having learned after the first few doctor’s visits that medical establishments often didn’t believe her.
The older woman, her brown hair starting to streak with gray, looked up from her computer. “Garwich you said?” She typed into her computer. “Date of birth?”
Saraid gave it.
“She’s in bay fifteen. I’ll take you.” The woman stood and led them to a double door with badge controlled access. “And he is?” She nodded toward Keilan.
Saraid didn’t miss a beat. “My partner.”
The woman didn’t answer, just nodded and swiped her badge. She led them along a circular hall to a room where the sliding glass door was closed and curtains were drawn. A nurse was just finishing taking vitals as she opened the door.
“I’m here,” Saraid said, going right to her aunt’s side.
“Of course you are dear. And you brought Keilan. Good.” She closed her eyes.
“I’ve taken her vitals and a lab tech will be in shortly to draw some blood. Dr. Lawrence is on duty tonight and she’ll be in once we get the blood work back. If you need anything, the nurse’s station is right across the hall. I’m Tad and I’m on duty this morning.”
“Thank you,” Saraid answered.
“Good to see you, Keilan,” Tad said. “I’ve missed you on the field.”
“I’ve been busy, but I expect to be back soon.”
“Sounds good. The team’s just not as good without you. If you’ll excuse me…” Tad stepped out of the room, pulling the glass door closed behind him.
Saraid glanced at the closed door. A hospital ER was not the place to have an important conversation, but something hammered at her, telling her this might be her only chance. “I found the journals, aunt. Can you please explain what’s going on?”
Aislyn reached for her hand, finding it between the rails on the bed. “Oh, Saraid. I wished I’d had more time or you’d visited more often. Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. Keilan can explain it as well as I. You know our family has lived in the house for many generations. We’re Guardians, keepers and protectors of the old magic places. They’re getting fewer and fewer. That’s why as soon as they decide what to do with me, you have to go home and you have to go to the center of the forest. Keilan can take you. That will explain everything. If I pass…” She laughed, which turned into a rasping cough. “I’m dying. I will pass from this life whether I want to or not. When I do, you have to take my place.”
Saraid refused to block the tears welling in her eyes. If anyone saw, let them think she feared for her aunt. She did. And certainly tears weren’t out of place in a hospital. “I know you’re telling the truth. I wish you wouldn’t talk that way. I can’t imagine what it will be like when you’re gone. You’re my last relative.”
“On this side, yes. You are not alone. You never have been.”
The door opened and a lab tech came in, a younger woman with long brown hair pulled back in a thick braid, carrying a tray of tubes and bandages. Her arrival quieted the conversation as she busied herself with drawing blood. She must have been good, because it only took two sticks and she apologized for even that inconvenience. When she left, Keilan turned to them both.
“I can explain if you’d like, Lady Aislyn.”
“Why do you call her that? We’re not noble or anything.”
Keilan rested his hand on her knee and even through her jeans, warmth seeped into her skin. “Oh but in my world you are. There are few higher than the Guardians themselves, Lady Saraid.” He glanced around at the room, paying attention to the monitor checking Aislyn’s vials. “This is not the place for the conversation. You brought books. Perhaps it would be best if you read while we waited.”
“He’s right,” Aislyn said.
Faced with the united front, she nodded. “All right then.” Saraid pulled the brown leather journal from her bag, sat back and started to read.

About the Author

Mary lives in the Ozarks on a homestead with her spoiled horses, a flock of highly entertaining chickens, a not-so-itty-bitty-kitty-committee, and her husband. Her first published novel, Ghost Touch, was released in December 2002–back when you had to explain to people what an ebook was. Since then she’s written more than the fifty novels/novellas in multiple genres of romance under a few pen names, as well as fantasy, equestrian fiction, erotica and nonfiction books under other names.
In addition, she runs Unscramblet Author Solutions, helping authors unscramble their “to do” lists and their promotions so they can focus on writing the next book. Learn more at
Visit her website at and sign up for the newsletter to receive free stories, including an exclusive story to her subscribers, and coupons and news.
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