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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sunday Update

It's actually Sunday and I'm updating! I suppose it had to happen some time! There's a few updates this week, but nothing major I don't think! You can find more day to day things in The Paranormal Council though, I update and post teasers in there all the time!

Update #1: Going Wide

So this week is more of a general announcement I guess. All of my books are now available on all retailers (with the exception of Twin Souls, which is going up shortly, Harem of Misery, which is staying in KU, and a couple of anthologies). You can visit my book list to find them all (via the menu bar above). Some of the books are currently pre-orders, but all are coming out soon!

Update #2: Audio!

This week has been a big one for audio! We picked out narrators for From the Deeps (with Skye MacKinnon) and Soulswap (with Arizona Tape) and I listened to the first 15 minutes of Sweet About Me. I'm both excited and nervous to be heading towards audio, and plan to start making Audio books a part of my plan more! So expect others to be coming!

Update #3: From the Deeps Wins an Award 

I won't lie, I'm still a little bit in shock over this one! But I woke up this morning to discover From the Deeps, which I co-wrote with my friend, Skye MacKinnon, had won an aware for best myth/folklore book. It means a lot to be able to claim this one, especially with the amount of research we do for the series, and the unusual creatures we discover! Plus it's a bit of an ego boost!

Update #4: Book Length

I made this announcement in my Facebook Group already, so will keep it brief here. Basically, I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to hit certain word counts for each book, even though that's not where I'm most comfortable. So from now on, I'm going to be going back to the word counts I'm more comfortable with. I'm sorry for anyone who wants really long stuff from me, it's just not good for me to put pressure on like that. That's literally all...just doing this so I can love writing! 

Teaser #1: Kneel For Me

Pre-order for 99 cents here:

Teaser #2: Fifth Soul

Pre-order for 99 cents here:

Until Next Week! Hopefully I'll have more news for you then!

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