Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Tuesday Update

I missed another Sunday, but trust me it's been hectic! I don't have *too* many updates this time - just some teasers to share! 

Update: Pandora's Pain

My main update is that Pandora's Pain is now LIVE! I've been so excited and nervous about this one. It's been such fun writing it, but with writing with A.K. Koonce being new, there's no way of knowing how people will take a collaboration. 

If you want to find out for yourself, download Pandora's Pain here: http://books2read.com/pandoraspain

Update: Seven Wardens

Seven Wardens is now on all retailers and not just Amazon. Watch out for the rest of my books making the transfer over very soon too! 

Seven Wardens Series: 

Teaser from Fifth Soul

Fifth Soul is now completed! Arizona & I had a lot of fun writing this one, as I hope comes across when you get to read it in Realms and Rebels: http://books2read.com/realmsandrebels

Teaser from Kneel For Me

With Fifth Soul done, I've moved on to Kneel For Me, my title in the Royal and Reckless boxed set. It's certainly interesting writing contemporary royalty, and is leading to some fun moments! Pre-order here: http://books2read.com/royalandreckless

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wednesday Update

*Hangs head in shame*

I missed two Sundays when I promised I wouldn't...I'm not doing so well.

But I have been more than a little busy! And I'm here to fill you in on all the details now!

What I've Been Up To #1

My co-author, Skye MacKinnon, and I went to a book signing in Edinburgh and dragged Arizona Tape along with us...though Ari was an undercover author and spent most of her time searching for swag...It was a great day, lot's of people talking to us who'd read our books and asking us questions about them! And lots of compliments on our covers (which I'm glad Ari got to hear!) 

What I've Been Up To #2

If you're part of my Facebook group, you'll already know that my co-authors are also close friends of mine. So it'll come as no surprise I've been helping Arizona move house...and she's come to the UK! I'm so excited about this. We have great chats about our books as well as big brain storms, so this will be great for the Twin Souls Universe...which may or may not have a third series planned...

What I've Been Up To #3

I went to an event at Scunthorpe Library! It was interesting being on a panel...not sure how I felt about that. But it was pretty awesome seeing some of my books in a library! 

Okay...so on to book updates!

Update #1

Beneath the Earth released on Saturday! This is the third book in Skye MacKinnon and I's co-written series. It's crazy to think we're already at book 3! If you've been reading and have worried this is the end (like one of our reviewers!) then it's not! Nor can we tell you what the end is...Skye and I have no clue how long our series is going to be. We're just planning on keeping going until Macey tells us we can stop. 

Download Beneath the Earth Here: books2read.com/beneaththeearth

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Update #2

Related to the above! Book 4 in the Seven Wardens series has a title! And unplanned by Skye & I, it has the acronym WTF!

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Update #3

Realms and Rebels is now on Amazon! I know a lot of people have been waiting for the paranormal and fantasy reverse harem collection to be on Amazon...and now it is. Plus, Arizona and I have released the first proper teaser for our story, Fifth Soul!

Pre-Order Realms and Rebels Here: books2read.com/realmsandrebels

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Update #4

Royal and Reckless is also on Amazon! It's really been a crazy couple of weeks! Royal and Reckless includes my contemporary story, Kneel For Me, which was partially inspired by the Princess Diaries 2 movie...random fact there! Royal and Reckless also includes stories from Skye MacKinnon (Broken Princess) and Arizona Tape (Twisted Games)...so is definitely a steal for 99 cents!

Pre-Order Royal and Reckless Here: books2read.com/royalandreckless

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Update #5

Pandora's Pain releases on Friday! I'm super excited about this one...and a little nervous. I hope you like the rendition of Pandora we've created. This isn't a reincarnation. This is the real deal....

Pre-Order Pandora's Pain Here: books2read.com/pandoraspain

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Update #6

Awakening is FREE for five days! This is the first book I ever finished, and while it's not my best technical writing style, I do believe the story has heart!

Download Awakening Here: books2read.com/awakeningbeyondthecurse

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Okay, this is the final and most important change that's coming. Unfortunately, due to uncontrollable circumstances, I'm removing my remaining books from Kindle Unlimited. That means they'll be re-releasing on other retailers throughout July and August. Some collections I'm part of, and some of my co-writes will remain in Kindle Unlimited, but others won't. 

There's more information in my Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/theparanormalcouncil 

Thanks for reading!