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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sunday Update I'm going to try and be good and keep a progress report up to date! But for big news as it happens, join my Facebook Group, The Paranormal Council.

What I'm working on solo...

I don't really have that much to report...Tarnished Illusions (Ashryn Barker #3) is nearly done, then I'll be moving on to Fae Blessed (Blessed #1) and Reigning Eira (Fated Seasons: Winter #2). I'm also low key working on a comedy series about a witch, and on Con With Me.

What I'm working on with others...

I love co-writing, and currently have three on the go. One is the next book in my series with Skye MacKinnon (Beneath the Earth), one is the next book in my new series (our second!) with Arizona Tape (Torn Soul) and one is the first book in a brand new series I'm working on with A.K. Koonce (Pandora's Pain).


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