Sunday, 11 June 2017


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Newly promoted Squadron Leader Rachel Firth is determined to prove her worth, but when she's given a dangerous mission, along with a squadron full of miscreants, proving herself becomes a matter of life or death. 

Can they make it to the moon?

A bit more about Moonflight...

First off, it's free until MONDAY! After which it'll be 99 Cents or Free with Kindle Unlimited. 

Moonflight is a prequel story to Moonrise which releases at the end of the month. It has a bit of a military sci-fi feel (with some romance!) but basically sets the scene for what Caden and Breccia's story is going to be. 

You can read Moonflight completely on it's own, and understand it, or you can read it alongside Moonrise (before or after!) You can also read Moonrise without reading this's just a little extra!

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