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Monday, 26 June 2017

Happy 20th Birthday Harry Potter!

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Maybe Harry Potter isn't 100% relevant to my own writing - it's a different sub-genre after all. 

But Harry Potter has played such a massive role in my life that I couldn't just let this anniversary pass me by without saying a big Happy Birthday! 

I'm hands down a member of the Harry Potter generation. 

I remember waiting for the book on release day, then devouring it (and apparently, my Mum used to sneak into my room and steal the books so she could read them at the same time).

I remember reading, and rereading, them all so many time that I knew them inside out. 

I remember debating with my friends about theories, and lamenting over beloved characters' deaths. 

I remember waiting for the films to come out and then being a little disappointed in the bits they missed out, but still finding them magical. 

More recently, I remember my Dad surprising me on my 21st Birthday by taking me to the Studio Tour in Watford. And I remember my little brother (then just 4 years old) looking around and his eyes lighting up as he took in the magic around him. 

I also remember spending the weekend with my friends at a Harry Potter themed convention, in cosplay naturally! 

I remember doing a Harry Potter themed night with my Brownie Pack, and how they loved it despite Harry Potter being published before they were born. 

I have a chocolate frog key ring on my car keys, and a Marauder's Map heat changing mug. Not to mention a Gryffindor scarf in my wardrobe. 

And J.K. Rowling herself is such a fantastic role model. For not giving up. For staying true to her own world. And for being one of the most down to earth and giving millionaires out there. 

So thank you J.K. for making the past 20 years so magical! 

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