Monday, 1 May 2017

Best of British Cross Promotion! Check out these great UK and Irish Authors!

Check out this great selection of books, all from British and Irish authors!
Click on the Book Covers for links to I'd like to apologise to any UK readers, they were meant to link to both! But you can easily find the same book by replacing ".com" with "" in the URL.

Fantasy (including Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance)

s sf d d f f f f d d d f f asf sdg sf s sf sf s s dd d  f d d d d d d d d d

Science Fiction (including Time Travel, Dystopian & Apocalyptic)

s d f d d d d d sf d d d d d


Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, Rom-Com & Romantic Suspense

d f fs d d d f d fs d f dd f sd d fs gs sf fs fs d d d f d d i d f ff d d d d d s d d f f d d s f f d f j d d dd dd s d d

  Historical Fiction

s d f sdf s s d d

Thrillers/Mysteries (including Cozy Mysteries) 

da sdd d d d d d d s d d d d d

Coming Of Age


Children's Books 

f d f


A dd d sd d

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