Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Release Day: You Know I Do (Curtain Call #2)

I'm super excited to be able to announce that You Know I Do is now available on Amazon! It's also in KU so you can read it for FREE! If you don't have KU then worry not...for a limited time only, You Know I Do is just 99 Cents!

AND book 1, What Lies Beneath the Mask is also on sale for 99 Cents! So you can get both books for a bargain $1.98!

You Know I Do (Curtain Call Book #2)

Costume designer, Hayley, has bigger things to worry about than her love life. Whether it's college assignments, her best friend Belle, or creating costumes for an amateur production of The Phantom of the Opera. 

That is, until she meets David, one of the camera crew filming the newest reality TV show. While Hayley might not think she's ready for love, her heart may have different ideas...

This is book 2 in the Curtain Call series. The events happen concurrently with those in What Lies Beneath the Mask (Annabelle & Jack's story), and the two can be read in any order.

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