Thursday, 23 March 2017

Revised Plan for the Paranormal Council Series

Okay, so in case you read my website literally two days ago...I've changed things around already. But I'm happy with how things stand now...this include names and plans for the couples. In fact, I now know a lot more about some of the couples than I did when I first made the post! 

Other than books 1 & 8, which are both included in box sets, all of the books will be available in KU. After their runs in the box sets are over, books 1 & 8 will also go into KU (and in fact, will be in there for a stint anyway!) 

Order may be subject to change! The first three books are available now! 

  1. The Dryad's Pawprint - Kem & Lia (also available in the In the Shadows box set) 
  2. The Vixen's Bark - Ari & Bjorn (out now!) 
  3. The Necromancer's Prey - Rory & Alden (available for pre-order) 
  4. The Vampire's Bite - Tony & Eden's Book (< you may have met Tony in book 1!) 
  5. The Lion's Crown - Nathalie's Book (< she appeared in book 1 but wasn't named, and appears in book 2
  6. The Witch's Stripes - Luke's Book (< he'll appear in Spellbound!) 
  7. The Dragon's Charm - Drayce & Indra's Book (< see note for Nathalie! But swap she, for he!) 
  8. The Wolf's Flight - Rhianna's Book (< you'll meet her in book 3! This will be available in a Box Set only!) 
  9. The Frost's Claws - the couple aren't named yet!
  10. The Storm's Kiss - Aella's Book (< you may have met her in book 1and 2, and 4...) 

So, all of the books are named now! That's not going to change! Though you may have noticed that I've left a fair bit of information off! I haven't revealed anyone's species, though I know what they are for the most part, nor the colour schemes (though that's partly cause my cover designer rocks and I trust her with that stuff!) The plan (at the moment) is that this series will be wrapped up before the end of the year. 

Just as a teaser...obviously there's vampires involved...but there's nymphs, dragons and fairies in the mix too! 

Also, currently there is only one spin-off book, but I do have an idea for a couple that may happen at some point!

  1. Spellbound - Ethan & Eliza (they're both witches!) 

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