Friday, 17 March 2017

Release Day: By Any Other Name

“For never was a story more of woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”
- Prince (5:3:309) 

For years, the vampire clans of Paris have been at war due to a feud between the Barons Capulet and Montague. When one fight goes too far, the Prince gives the clans an ultimatum; cease the fights or burn at dawn. 

Baron Capulet, and his wife, are protective of their only child, Josie. Living a sheltered life, Josie had never even thought about love or marriage until her parents start arranging one. Romain Montague thought he knew what love was, until he sneaks into a Capulet party and sees Josie from across the room. 

A faithful retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Please be warned that the ending has not been changed.

Read on for take on the famous balcony scene!

“Why me?” She looked up at the sky and Romain wished her eyes were on him instead. “Why him? If he was anyone else, then I’d be able to give myself to him, and yet he’s Romain. A Montague. There’s no chance of making him mine. Unless I deny my own, which for him I’d do.”

Romain’s breath caught in his throat and his heart skipped a beat. She’d clearly felt the same way as he had during their brief meeting; like there was something more between them, even if they were from opposing clans. He fought back from speaking up, torn between not wanting to scare her, and wanting to talk to her. When she spoke again, he strained his ears to catch every word, though with his enhanced hearing, he barely needed to.

“It’s only in name that we’re enemies. What is a Montague after all? It’s not like it’s a physical thing,” she sighed loudly and moved across the balcony, her face now turned away from Romain’s sight. “What’s in a name? For a rose by any other name would smell as sweet; as would he, if he were called by a different name.”

“For you, I’d go by any other name,” he blurted out the words before he could stop them. Josie startled, turning her gaze towards him. Knowing that staying hidden wasn’t in his best interest, Romain made the leap up to the balcony, landing smoothly in front of her.
“Oh, I thought I was alone. Speaking aloud helps me think,” her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. “How’d you find me?”

“Love drew me to you,” she folded her arms and looked at him sceptically, knowing that there was a chance that his words were all for show. “I would give up my name for you, if you’ll give me a chance.”
“I barely know you. And aren’t you Romain? A Montague?” She raised her eyebrow, the stern look drawing Romain’s attention to her face. The mask she’d been wearing earlier had hidden an oval face, with a pert nose. Her green eyes sparkled slightly in the moonlight, and her pink lips begged to be kissed, particularly as his mind had returned to their earlier kisses
“I’ll be neither, if you don’t want me to be,” he professed.

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