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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Introducing...His Lost Bear

So it's safe to say that my brain does not stand still...and this week is no different! On Friday, I'll be starting a Newsletter Serial! 

What's a Newsletter Serial
Each week I'll send a chapter to my Newsletter, no cost to them! Just a free story for them to enjoy. 

What's the book?
His Lost Bear is a completely standalone paranormal romance. BUT if you've read my Paranormal Council books, then you may encounter some cross-over. It's set in the same world, and one of the characters (Vic) is the brother of Kem, the male character from The Dryad's Pawprint. The other main character, Nita, also has links to another character, but I'm keeping quiet about that one for now!

Will it be on sale?
Not yet, but after my Newsletter has seen all of it, it will be on sale, and most likely in Kindle Unlimited, like the rest of my Paranormal Romances. 

Why are you doing this?
Because, while talking to my writing buddies, I came up with this idea of Vic & Nita's story, and the two of them just haven't left me alone!

Do other people do Newsletter Serials?
They do! Check out this selection here (there's even another Paranormal Romance one!) 

Where can I sign up?
Here! And don't forget that you'll also get a free copy of Betrayed too!

What if I miss a week?
I'm going to provide links to previous chapters, and they'll be available to anyone on my mailing list up until it goes up for sale!

Are you planning on doing more?
Possibly! It depends how this one goes, but there may be a fantasy and an urban fantasy one in the future! 

How long will it be?
That's a very good question...I'll let you know!

The only way for Vic to deal with the death of his parents, is to hide away in the woods, doing everything that he can to avoid his responsibilities as the panther alpha. 

For years, Nita believed that her entire family was dead. But hearing a rumour that her cousin is still alive, she sets out to find him. 

A chance encounter in the woods, brings the two shifters together, and something quickly sparks between them. Can they heal each others wounds, or will they live the rest of their lives alone? 

His Lost Bear starts on March 31st 2017, and is a Newsletter Serial.

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