Saturday, 28 January 2017

General Update (New Release, Giveaways and MORE!)

Sorry I've been a bit sporadic updating recently...but it's time for some updates now! We'll start with a super exciting category for readers (and then move on to the exciting - and slightly nerve wracking - one for me!)

WIN a Kindle Fire! 

Or other prizes! This is a giveaway that is running until next month, and there's also a rafflecopter for EXTRA chances to win!


Yes...another exciting one for readers! Not only is my prequel to the Alventia series, Betrayed, on instafreebie, but there is now the first 6 chapters of What Lies Beneath the Mask on there too!

If you have Kindle Unlimited, and love romance, then make sure you check out this promotion! All the books on there are KU Romances! And they look like great reads!

Or if you want some great Sci-Fi & Fantasy reads, then check out this instafreebie collection - though please be aware that this ends at the end of the month! And if you're more interested in other genres, then check out this Instafreebie Repository, where the books are collated by genre!

New Release! 

Okay, so this is the exciting and nerve wracking one for me! The Dryad's Pawprint went live on Tuesday, and I'm still super worried about it...despite having some amazing reviews already! Most of them even say that they want to read more from the series...which is great considering that The Vixen's Bark is already written and up for pre-order! Plus, scenes from books 3 & 4 (whose titles I'm keeping quiet for now!) have already been written! All I'll say is that you do come across the characters from books 2 to 4 in The Dryad's Pawprint!

Author Interview

You can check out my author interview with Lieze Neven here! It was fun to do, as well as revealing more about me and my books!

Upcoming Books

So with February's release (The Vixen's Bark) all written and March's (By Any Other Name) also done and up for pre-order, my attention has turned to what may be my May release; Hidden Smoke. I've always intended to turn to fantasy in the end (in fact, I wrote a fantasy for NaNo 2016; Siren's Storm, but haven't released it because that one is involved in my game plan for 2018!) and Hidden Smoke is going to be my first release in the genre.

Its going to be standalone, sword & sorcery, with assassins, magic and Princes...basically its the kind of fantasy that I LOVE to read, and so have decided to, I may have impulse bought the cover now, so may need to stop procrastinating and finish writing it!

Naturally, I will also soon be working on my April release too, which I hope is going to be the third Paranormal Council book! There's always Rhodopis later in the year too (and while I have a cover for that one, I'm yet to actually start writing!) In my overall plan of the year (which is definitely subject to change!) Rhodopis is planned for September!

Other Plans

I'm kicking off a writing project that is just going to be for fun now too! So basically the idea is that a group of authors will all write a story based on the title "Hidden". They'll each publish it separately, but they'll be linked as a series! It's mostly about the fun and challenge of the writing, with the added bonus of easy cross promotion! You can check out the Kboards thread here!

I think that's everything...maybe that's everything? Ah well! If it isn't then I'll just have to write another post! 

Happy reading! 

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