Sunday, 25 December 2016

Short Story: Christmas Wish

This is a short story that I wrote back in 2014, and as it doesn't have a home (and I'm not sure it ever has!) I thought I'd share it with my blog readers! Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

Three years ago, Evan Davis died. It had been Christmas Eve and he had been at his parents’ house for the celebrations when his heart gave out unexpectedly. Though Evan had been a successful business man, he had never found a woman he could call his own, and still longed to sit beside a roaring fire with the woman he loved on Christmas Eve. That longing meant that he had remained trapped on Earth rather than moving on and had brought him to this moment.

Delilah had bought her home nearly three years ago, from an elderly couple mourning the loss of their eldest son. While many people would have felt uncomfortable living in a house where they knew someone had died, Delilah didn’t mind; especially as she could feel Evan’s presence and knew that he meant no one any harm. For the past six months, his presence around her home had been getting stronger and Delilah had found that she could sense emotions from him. It had first started when her fiancĂ© broke off their engagement and she’d felt him sending her comfort, something that now happened every time she’d been feeling down. His kind and familiar presence was one of the reasons why she’d planned something special for that evening.

Delilah stoked the coals in her open fire before adding another piece of wood to the pile, causing the fire to roar into life and fill the room with an orange glow. The light glinted off the baubles on her Christmas tree and flickered over the rest of the dimly lit room. She smiled, feeling the happiness projected by Evan, but confused by the underlying sadness also coming from him.

Evan looked into the flames and felt the conflicting emotions of contentment of being in front of a fire with a woman he’d grown to love, and the sadness that he’d never be able to hold her in his arms, or even tell her that he loved her. He wasn’t even sure that she knew he was there; despite the fact that whenever he sent her comforting thoughts she did seem to react.

“Why are you sad Evan?” Delilah said aloud, half to herself and half in the hope of getting an answer from the ghostly presence in the room. If Evan had had a body then he would have jumped in shock, not only did she know that he was here but she knew who he was. Not knowing how to answer he attempted to send her a message.

One of my dreams was to spend Christmas Eve in front of a fire with someone I loved. He concentrated all of his effort on sending the message, truly hoping that it would get through to her.

“Why can’t you?” Delilah replied causing an elated feeling to emanate off Evan. She laughed slightly. “You seem surprised I can hear you.”

I am. He thought. Because I can’t hold you like I want to. He replied to her question.

“We can try.” Delilah said. A thrill had gone through her when Evan had implied it was her that he wanted to spend his time with though she couldn’t quite understand why.

How? Evan asked, cocking his head and wondering why he was doing so when she couldn’t see him. Delilah gasped. You can see me? She nodded and Evan smiled.

“That’s the first time though.” Delilah took a step towards him and lifted her hand to his face, only able to touch air. A sad look came over her face and she sighed. “I wish you were here.”

I do too. Evan thought back at her. Why don’t we sit on the sofa? He didn’t know if that was possible for him but he wanted to try, anything to rid her of the sadness that had overcome her. She nodded meekly and sat down on the comfy red sofa in front of the fire. Evan moved to put his arm around her, and though she couldn’t see him she could feel warmth and contentment in the action. Smiling she laid down, Evan laying beside her and before long Delilah drifted off to sleep.

Delilah stretched awake when the sun began to stream through the window, warming her skin. As she did so she felt someone lying beside her on the sofa and turned to see what was happening. There was a man that looked very much like Evan’s ghost had the night before sleepily opening his eyes and she gasped.

“Evan?” She was nervous and excited at the prospect of Evan being alive and with her.

“Delilah?” He asked his voice deep and filled with sleep. It didn’t last long when he realised he had spoke aloud. “I’m real?” He asked, staring at his hands.

“Yes.” Delilah said smiling. He smiled back and laughed before taking her face between his hands and kissing her; finally able to spend Christmas with a woman he loved. He guessed that sometimes Christmas wishes do come true. 

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