Saturday, 3 December 2016

New Project Announcement

Hi all! This is just me basically announcing that I'm starting my next writing project, a time travel romance called Time Keepers. I'm announcing it simply because NaNo worked so well at getting me motivated, so I'm hoping that actually making an "official" announcement about starting something will motivate me to finish it!

Oddly enough, I never thought I'd ever write anything around time travel, it's a genre that rarely appeals to me. However, this story started rattling around my head about 2 weeks ago and it just won't leave...and so, this me getting it out there! And maybe discovering something new I like to write!

At the moment Time Keepers is going to be a stand alone. But I know what I'm like, so it could end up not being, I won't make any promises! What it will fulfill is my wish that I was actually knowledgeable enough about history to write historical romance...this way I can simply dip in and out, while having modern characters who don't have to's going to be fun!

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