Thursday, 29 December 2016

New Pre-Orders Available!

I'm super excited to announce TWO new Preorders! The Dryad's Pawprint is coming in January, and By Any Other Name is coming in March! The Dryad's Pawprint is a paranormal romance between a panther-shifter and a dryad (a tree-nymph! I didn't realise they had their own name either!) and By Any Other Name is an urban fantasy/paranormal retelling of Romeo and Juliet, and a faithful one at that (as much as it goes against my own tendencies, I couldn't bring myself to change the ending from Shakespeare's!)  

The Dryad's Pawprint

Panther-shifter, Kemnebi Davis, lives a normal life as an accountant until he’s called before the Shifter Council. Unknown to the shifter community, the Council needs help; and the only way for that to happen is for Kem to marry the daughter of one of the Nymph Council. Except there’s one problem; Lia. The woman who has been occupying Kem’s thoughts since a chance meeting a year ago…

Xylia Dentro has a secret. One that she’s managed to keep from her father and sister for nearly a year. But when she encounters the man who started it all, she can’t deny the pull she feels towards him; despite everything that’s standing in their way…

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By Any Other Name: A Retelling of Romeo & Juliet 

While the world was led to believe that the French Nobility finally fell alongside the last Imperial Empire in the Nineteenth Century; there was a second court that survived. This court was filled with the creatures that no one wanted to believe truly existed; vampires. 

Within the borders of Paris, there were two rival vampire clans; the Baronies of Montague and Capulet. For centuries, the two clans have been at war, using the various French Revolutions, and the wars since, as a cover for their own dark purposes. 

The fight between the two clans was so ancient, that neither the Montague heir, nor the Capulet daughter, had any idea about what it was over, and the two star-crossed lovers began their own doomed romance…

NB: While names and the setting have been changed, and vampires have been introduced, By Any Other Name is a faithful retelling of Romeo and Juliet. 

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