Thursday, 29 December 2016

If You Were Stuck on a Desert Island...What Would You Read (Part 1!)

As many of you may know, I submitted my latest book, What Lies Beneath the Mask, to the Kindle Scout program. While it wasn't chosen, I gained so much from it, including an amazing group of fellow authors who've now pulled together to showcase one another!

So, I asked them all: if you were stranded on a desert island with only one book, what would it be? (Though I banned how-to manuals, omnibuses & complete works!)

Here's what some of them said!

JP Cawood: The Alchemist because it would inspire me to become the sun, the wind, and the sea.  
Love From Mars
Originally from Milwaukee, WI, JP Cawood studied storytelling at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.  She has developed television series & pilots for Syfy Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Destination America, History Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, and Pivot/Participant. Now telling stories through books, JP writes science fiction/fantasy because the future is now and imagination is the key that unlocks all great mysteries. As a lifelong student of the mystical unknowns, JP has traveled the world in search of truth, beauty, and goodness. JP has lived in France, Britain, India, and many cities across America. She now resides in Los Angeles.


Luke Christodoulou: And then there were none. The mother of my genre, an absolute delight!

Death of a BrideLuke Christodoulou is an author, a poet and an English teacher (MA Applied Linguistics - University of Birmingham). He is, also, a coffee-movie-book-Nutella lover. His books have been widely translated and are available in five languages. His first book, THE OLYMPUS KILLER (#1 Bestseller - Thrillers), was released in April, 2014. The book was voted Book Of The Month for May on Goodreads (Psychological Thrillers). The book continued to be a fan favorite on Goodreads and was voted BOTM for June in the group Nothing Better Than Reading. In October, it was BOTM in the group Ebook Miner, proving it was one of the most talked-about thrillers of 2014.The second stand-alone thriller from the series, THE CHURCH MURDERS, was released April, 2015 to widespread critical and fan acclaim. DEATH OF A BRIDE was the third Greek Island Mystery to be released. Released in April, 2016 it followed in the footsteps of its successful predecessors. From its first week in release it hit the number one spot for books set in Greece.MURDER ON DISPLAY came out in 2017 and enriched the series. He is currently working on the fifth book of his planned Greek Island Mysteries book series. He resides in Limassol, Cyprus with his loving wife, his chatty daughter and his crazy newborn son.Hobbies include travelling the Greek Islands discovering new food and possible murder sites for his stories. He, also, enjoys telling people that he ‘kills people for a living’.


Aaron Frale: Hitchhiker's Guide (because you'll need the towel).

Aaron Frale co-wrote a no-budget comedy flick called Hamlet the Vampire Slayer. His first novel is Playlist of the Ancient Dead. The University of New Mexico gave him a MFA in Dramatic Writing. He also screams and plays guitar for the prog/metal band Spiral. He lives with his wife Felicia, two cats, and a small dog who thinks he's a large dog in Columbia Heights, MN.

Liz HedgecockIt’s probably a cliche, but I’d pick Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Or maybe Our Mutual Friend…choosing is so hard!

A House of MirrorsLiz Hedgecock grew up in London, England, did an English degree, and then took forever to start writing. After several years working in the National Health Service, a corporate writing course rekindled the flame, and various short stories followed. Some even won prizes. Then the stories began to grow longer... Liz now lives in Cheshire with her husband and two sons, and when she’s not writing or child-wrangling you can usually find her reading, running, or sneaking into a museum.
Novel Links: A House of Mirrors:, The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes:, A Jar of Thursday:, The Case of the Snow-White Lady: 

Bill Hiatt: Being a fantasy writer, I’d have to say Merlin’s grimoire or something similar, so I could learn how to open a gateway into another world and escape from the island.
As far back as he can remember, Bill Hiatt had a love for reading so intense that he eventually ended up owning over eight thousand books--not counting e-books! He has also loved to write for almost that long. As an English teacher, he had little time to write, though he always felt there were stories within him that longed to get out, and he did manage to publish a few books near the end of his teaching career. Now that he is retired from teaching, the stories are even more anxious to get out into the world, and they will not be denied! Novel Links: Living with Your Past Selves:  Different Lee:  I think the third was either The Devil Hath the Power: or We Walk in Darkness:

WarriorsCarey Lewis: I’m going to steal Dwight Shrute’s answer from The Office – “Physician's Desk Reference... hollowed out, inside-waterproof matches, iodine tablets, beet seeds, protein bars, NASA blanket and, in case I get bored, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. No, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Question, did my shoes come off in the plane crash?

Carey Lewis traded a mundane job in Toronto, Canada, in favor of a backpacker life of nomadic travel. He can be spotted with his beautiful fiance somewhere in Southeast Asia, drinking coffee and scribbling furiously into a notepad while cursing his credit card debt and writing about bad guys that are cooler than he'll ever be.

Beyond the ForestKay L Ling: The Bible! Not only would I need God’s help to survive, the Bible is full of fascinating stories.

Kay L. Ling began writing fiction at an early age. In grade school, her stories evidenced a sense of  wonder and love of adventure. In one, mythical creatures lived and traveled inside a rainbow, and in another, a bored sixth-grader turned her teacher into a maroon sofa and then teleported herself to London. As she grew up, Kay never lost her ability to imagine strange and wondrous peoples and places, and now she would like to share her unique fantasy adventures with others. Web link:

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