Friday, 25 November 2016

Characters: What Lies Beneath the Mask (Susan)

This is a fun post! Just a little bit about a seemingly minor character and why she's important to me!

What Lies Beneath the Mask releases on December 1st! It'll be just $0.99 (or £0.99!) until 1st January! 

So Susan is basically an incredibly minor character in What Lies Beneath the Mask, she doesn't even scrape secondary character status like David (Hayley's love interest), Merry (Annabelle's "nemesis") and John (the director) do, never mind main character status like Annabelle, Jack and Hayley (the latter is in that character because to me her relationship with Annabelle is as important as Annabelle's relationship with Jack). In fact, Susan appears 3 times during the book, and I don't think I ever even described her beyond "one of the stage hands". 

However, Susan is an important character for another reason. I wrote this book after a lot of encouragement from my best friend, and as such, there are little bits written into it that are just for her, and Susan is one of them! For some reason (and neither of us actually remember why) we started jokingly blaming Susan when something went wrong. Thus the phrase "Dammit Susan" was born as an in-joke. Amazingly we don't seem to be the only people blaming Susan, as we've both found references of Susan on Facebook, though this is a recent thing!

So there we are! A seemingly insignificant character for most people, but for me, this small character has real meaning!

What Lies Beneath the Mask releases on December 1st! It'll be just $0.99 (or £0.99!) until 1st January! 

3 years ago, assistant director and aspiring concept artist Annabelle escaped from an abusive relationship, and now the past is back to haunt her. Feeling drawn to the handsome and charming star of her amateur theatre group’s production of the Phantom of the Opera, Annabelle has to fight her demons if she’s to follow her heart. But is Jack enough to free her from her memories, or has her ex-boyfriend still got her in his grasp?

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