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First Chapter of Cloaked!

I'm currently in the process of editing Cloaked for the first time! So I thought that I'd share some of the first chapter (but not all of it!)

Part 1
“Oh, you dear children, who has brought you here? Do come in, and stay with me. No harm shall happen to you.”
Hansel & Gretel
by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Chapter 1 - Gretel
I knew that one day I would have to tell someone my whole story; even if it was just so that someone other than me and my brother knew it. When Keira and Philip turned up on their wedding day exhausted and close to collapse, I knew that the time was coming soon.
The day it did, Keira came into the kitchen in the cottage we shared. Her golden brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she wore a simple green tunic and leggings combination. The holster round her waist told me that she had been out in the yard learning to throw knives with Hansel.  Since the two of them had arrived last month Keira had changed; she was no longer a pampered Princess, though I have my suspicions that she hadn’t actually been one in the first place.
“How did it go?” I asked as I took the kettle off the stove to make tea. Sometime in the past month it had become tradition for the two of us to sit and drink tea after she had done training. Keira grimaced.
“I hit something.” She said shrugged noncommittally.
“Hansel or Philip?” I asked and was rewarded with a laugh.
“Hansel. Philip’s sorting him out now.” I laughed again. Keira seemed to be picking up the skills she would need to survive quickly. All except throwing knives. I’d never seen Hansel so frustrated with a student, not even when he’d taught me. Which reminded me of the reason why he’d taught me in the first place, it had been just before the event that changed our lives forever and he didn’t want any of the boys in the village getting too close to his little sister. Turns out I’d gain a far more effective weapon less than a year later.
“Gretel are you ok?” Keira asked. Her question pulled me back from my thoughts, which must have shown on my face.
“Oh, sorry Keira. Just lost in the past.” I said somewhat wistfully.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She uttered the words I’d been both dreading and hoping she would one day say. It seemed the day had come for me to tell my story.


Book 2: "Cloaked" 
Not every happy ever after goes to plan… 
100 years ago, Hansel and Gretel escaped from the witch’s hut with more power and riches than they could ever imagine. For years they lived a peaceful life, until Phillip and Keira showed up on their wedding day on the run from Phillip’s father. 
When young women from a nearby village start to go missing all evidence points to Red, an old enemy of Gretel’s, the four of them take it upon themselves to stop her.

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"It's sensual and absolutely empowering - two women who we're used to seeing relying on men, we now see as strong and kicking some strong butt! It was such a great turnover that I couldn't put it down and my only complaint was that cliffhanger telling me that I'll have to wait until the next instalment to find out what will happen to our four heroes. The Alventia series has become by far one of my favourite series and Cloaked, the spark that gave me back the excitement I once felt for fairy tales as a child ten folds." - Alpha Book Club

" In the Disney versions (which are a lot fluffier than the originals!), Sleeping Beauty doesn't really do anything, and Gretel has to rely on her brother for everything. In the Alventian versions, these two ladies are kick-ass!!! Definitely not afraid to take the lead and/or defend themselves, but also very happy being with a man too. They don't see anything wrong with a chivalrous male by their sides." -Archaeolibrarian

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